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    Ideas for new maps

    I've never seen the walking dead, so I don't think it came from there:P Oh and thanks:D Hmm... Just remembered the MW2 easter egg thing "Museum" at the end of the campaign... Ah :P
  2. TheGamersImagine

    Ideas for new maps

    Yeah I know:P It was quite based off of Moon, not too much that it'll get copyrighted, the inspiration comes from many places. The futuristic design of the spaceship would come from the interior of the powerplant, the asteroids and space would be from Moon, etc. etc.
  3. TheGamersImagine

    Ideas for new maps

    I've got ideas for new zombie maps:D Idea #1 So imagine this, a prison, in which all the zombies are prisoners and every 6 rounds, instead of normal dogs, you get guard dogs? And they attack you, you can sometimes get a power-up that makes them fight the zombies instead, but once the power-up runs out they go back after you. You'd have a courtroom at one end of the prison, and you must pass judgement to get pack-a-punch. You pay to enter the courtroom and if you have something significant or significantly good stats, then you get back your 5000 points and you get to Pack-A-Punch for free, if you aren't doing so well, then your perks and weapons are taken from you, and your points are reduced to 950. This map will help encourage players to play better and take more care, instead of letting themselves die and not doing enough work. Idea #2 A map on a spaceship, it is extravagant but would tie in well with Moon. Maybe a spare rocket that wasn't used to destroy the Earth? Basically, the rocket would fly around from asteroid to asteroid and you could either stay on or get off, the rocket would have the bare essentials, maybe an MP5 or M14 or something, and quick revive. It would be enough to survive on for about 5-8 rounds. On the different asteroids or planets would be a perk machine, a wall weapon and a box location. There would also be a dark matter station which you would need to use every 5 or so rounds to fuel up the rocket, otherwise it would stop and you'd be stuck there unless you are close enough to float to one of the asteroids or planets, or if you are docked at one. This would test the players strategical look at zombies. Idea #3 Museum: Like the film Night at the museum, the premise of this map is to give the players a break from hardcore zombies mode. On this map there would be a day cycle and a night cycle. During the day cycle, the zombies would be encased in glass cases. As normal museum exhibits would. The day cycle is like an extended between-round pause, in which players can rebuild barriers, buy weapons and set up positions and traps. When the night cycle starts, the zombies are released and the horde will swarm. Extra power-ups would be to extend the day cycle, decrease the number of zombies and access to the archived exhibits room, which is basically a 15 second period to grab a gun or grab a free perk. Tell me what your favorite of my ideas are in the poll:D

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