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  1. Die rise Game over

    Thanks again to all of you that posted your ideas/opinions! awesome to see what others have thought about this Once again, this is the OP but I lost my acct info for Tornado. My friend Caleb (I Ghost hit) and I (ASAPIlluminati) are trying to get the side quests for both DieRise and Tranzit still and we are looking for 2 other people who are "good" at zombies. If anyone is interested in helping us out it would be awesome, Just add ASAPIlluminati and send me a message when you are avalible to play. Thanks guys! 8-) 8-) 8-) -Chase
  2. Die rise Game over

    So, all of you have seen the cutout on the right side of the loading screen correct? Take a second look- Hard look. The size and shape of that head, The broad wide shoulders... Who does that resemble? The HEAVY footsteps when you die and listen to the evil laugh I honestly believe that the cutout and the ending sequence has relation to... Yep, Frankenstein... Sounds wacky I know... But essentially Frankenstein is a zombie. Revived, through ELECTRICITY. Does anyone see where I'm going with this? Maybe a Frankenstein-esque type Boss in the next Zombie map?? BTW, This is Tornado, the OP, had to make a new account