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  1. Buddy on my list has over 100k kills, and his K/D ratio is 200, and hes still got the Skull and Knife. Im sure its not High Rounds, cause anybody could get to a high round if they play with people are are really good. Somebody could have a billion downs and still get to round 50 if theyre dragged their, so its safe to say that isnt the only factor. Kills to Downs isnt the only factor either, because plenty of other people have low K/D and still have higher emblems, while others have high K/D and have the same emblems. None of it makes sense. It needs to be explained. Im done. Peace.
  2. Buddy on my list is 267 K/D and hes still stuck on the Knife and Skull. Its impossible to tell who has the "right" K/D when its different for everyone. People out there are just yelling different numbers, based on other forums theyve read, or even this one. But clearly nobody knows for sure. Your K/D might be one thing, but it cant be a stationary number, otherwise it would be the same for every single person. It needs to take something else into consideration to determine. I was playing on my friends account, hes never picked up back ops. I died a billion times, over and over again. I have a KD of less than 10 now, and ive since ranked up to the Dual Bones by playing some good game in Public. Revives gotta mean something, think of it this way. If your the kind of person who plays a public match, but doesnt revive, that doesnt mean your bad at the game. That means you just dont care about your team mates. Honestly though? That could mean you are terrible at the game, because I can get people on my team up, regardless. Your given enough time to train the zombies away from your fallen team, and then run in, revive them. Thats just how it works. Maybe for people that spend time reviving, or something other things, are given leeway when it comes to Kills/Downs. It would explain why people arent ranking up when theyre "suppose" to rank up, and the other way around. Its obvious its not just kills to downs, whether anybody agrees with me or not, they dont have to help the community figure this out if they dont want to. From what I seen so far, Kills/Downs are a part of it, but there isnt stationary numbers. If the entire ranking system was based off killing and not going down, then whats the point of all the other stats? The entire ranking system cant just be based on those two stats alone. The fact other people are getting rankings sooner than others proves that theres something else to it as well. Ill keep looking, and if anyone else wants to help, send me a message on here.
  3. I dont worry about peoples ranks, im just tired of people not playing with me because I dont have a Skull and Knife. Ive have sixteen people the other night tell me I suck based on my Skull with Blue Eyes. Its terrible. Sometimes people care, sometimes they dont care, but it really gets annoying. I dont brag about my skills or anything like that, not any more then the next person. I hate when people are on mic and they say theyre really good and then end up being the first to get downed and leave. I stopped playing public matches, cause theres no point anyore when people just leave, or judge your skill level based on your emblem. Still nobody has a definite solution to ranking up, other than creating a new account, or just "keep playing". Ive been on this skull since the first month the game came out, and I would like to see some progress. But it turns out maybe I cant rank up because I have so many downs because I let my 13 year old neighbor play when im watching him? Thats terrible. There should be a "Ranked" and "Unranked" matches for that. I shouldnt have to make a whole new account just for him to play on, but it seems I have no choice now. Either that, or not let him play because I dont wanna ruin my K/D anymore? Thats just stupid. I dont wanna admit that its all about the K/D because of how foolish that is, I wanna find another way, other than just getting thousands and thousands of more kills and leaving the game before I get downed to it doesnt impact me. The entire reason I want my rank higher, past the Skull, is because I cant get into some games because of it. I really hope I can get my stats reset somehow, without glitching it, cause im tired of getting rejected from public games. Its not about skill level anymore, its about having that emblem I dont have because my account stats are ruined.
  4. Hmm, no, dont think I have. Ive been at the blue skull so long, and I play every single day anyways, havent deranked yet or went up. I have noooo clue how to go up anymore, since ive passed the K/D ratio of my friends, who are Skull and Knife.
  5. Buddy got his Skull with Knife at around 65 k/d. Whatever these number ranges are, theyre not very static, people really dont know them, or theres a whole other factor. My other friend just got black ops the other day. He has 14 downs and 8489 kills, which is a K/D of about 600. Yet he still has the skull, just like me. Another friend has the Knife and Skull, his K/D is 71. The Kills to Down ratio cant be the only way to rank up. If it was, this thread wouldnt exist. People need to keep looking for theories. I honestly thought this thread was more active then it is, maybe people gave up, maybe they just got bored. I hope some answers actually pop up in the future, because the fact people online are worried about dying is ruining the online experience for others. I like cooperating, scrambling around reviving people, and making sure nobody is left behind. But if people are just gonna leave the game when they get trapped in a corner because theyre afraid of messing up their K/D, thats foolishness, and it needs to be fixed.
  6. Again, you judge my skill based on the numbers. You havent played with me, so you have no clue about my skill level. Im not saying im some godly player or anything, people are much better then me, clearly im not very good. When the game first came out, I died a lot trying to figure out the bus route, exploring the fog, having fun. Nobody cares about dying, they just wanna figure out the map. Hell, I died a lot trying to figure out what Tombstone did, haha. Same with Whos Who in Die Rise. People need to figure those things out, and they gotta die a lot in the process. The downs on this account is already messed up because im not the only person on here, as well. But your Kill to Down cant be the only factor, because other people on my list have a much, much lower K/D then I do, and they have a better icon. This thread isnt about how good anybody is at zombies, this thread is about discussing the Ranking System, trying to figure it out. Id like to figure this out, honestly, because it cant just be your Kill to Down ratio. There needs to be some other sort, otherwise people would just look at the numbers and see for themselves instead of showing off a badass icon. My Kills/Downs Friends Kills/Downs 27624/542 3738/311 This means my K/D is [50.9] while his is [12.0]. Yet we have the same Emblem, the Blue Eyed Skull. Shouldnt he have a lower rank icon then me if your K/D ratio has the most impact?
  7. Hello. I just created an account here because I would like to contribute to the community of zombie killers. If you dont want to read all of this, then skip to the bottom portion of the post. While making a whole new account, or using a previously patched Reset glitch for your zombies stats, is a surefire way to get a very high rank, this doesnt make any sense from a game developers POV. Treyarch has made some mistakes, plenty of them, but they wouldnt force people who dont want to take part in a ranking system to take part in it. I like a wide majority of people enjoy playing videogames for fun. When I join a public match in zombies, im usually told to leave because of my "rank". This is very, very unfair, and is completely ruining the experience for people like us. Im very good at zombies. In Black Ops 1, I can reach round 40+ everytime. I never go down through my mistakes, and I always, always, ALWAYS revive people. If the ranking system is based off Kills to Downs, then that defeats the entire purpose of playing zombies to have fun. This encourages people who think theyre about to go down to just leave the game. Three people did this to me before, and I was left alone to play. Unfair? Yes, I just want to have fun. When a new map comes out, especially one like Die Rise, nobody is going to know the map. Locations of perks, power, doors, rapetrain locations, all of that is learned by playing the game over and over again until you get better. With a game like zombies, where the endgame is to fight infinite hoards of the undead until you die, that means for every game you play, your going to die at least once. (Unless you press start and quit, which is highly frowned upon in the online gaming community.) It wasnt until I achieved the Skull with Blue Eyes that I figured, hey this might be fun getting into the ranking system, discovering its secrets. My Kills to Down ratio is 55, for any of you wondering. However, I have friends on my list that have much, much less kills then me, and much, much more downs then me, and a Kills to Down ratio of less than half of mine. Some of these people have the same rank as me, same have two bones, while two of which even have Skull with Knife. Its my personal opinion that your Kill to Down ratio is little to do with your ranking system. That would be defeating the whole purpose of zombies, to have fun. For the first month or two of Black Ops 2s release, it wasnt just me playing, it was a friend of mine, who I was teaching how to play. He dies over and over again, because its the only way to learn. So because of this, does this mean im plagued with 500 downs, and even if I scored 3000 kills next game, my rank wouldnt budge? There must be some other factor were missing. If kids are just going to start resetting their stats, or making another account just so they can start fresh because its the only way to ranke up, that defeats the purpose of a ranking system. I can get to round 45 on Tranzit, with 1 down being the end of the game. Shouldnt that count for something? Apparently not when im judged for having a Skull and Blue eyes. Enough of me ranting. I enjoy killing zombies, ever since World At War. Im a long time killer, and ive always had fun going for the high numbers. On the original Black Ops, I could get to 60+ on Ascension every time. Sure, it got boring, but I loved it because it was fun rape training zombies. But if Kill to Down ratio really IS the only way to rank up, then I hope Treyarch either changes this, or puts in a Reset system for people who are used to the maps and can show their true potential, their true skill level. No matter how skillful you are at zombies, no matter what your highest round is, when the new map comes out, your not going to know it. Its the simple. Thats the point of zombies, discovering, and having fun doing it. So, for the sake of science, or whatever, id like to see people testing other ways that dont involve having a high Kills to Downs ratio. Sure, if your playing for kills, your doing it right. And yes, you dont want to go down, going down is bad. But there has to be something else, there just has to be. Reaching round 15 without purchasing any perks, now thats some skill right their. Maybe not buying perks increases your rank, is it possible? Lets make a list of things to test, and start trying them out! :D