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  1. Korruppt

    Tranzit Perma Perks / Upgrades Info

    @ Infest, I don't understand you're comment that much. Well I guess I can't understand your statements because I see: Kniving animations, dead zombies, and a perk that I want. It MIGHT have been a hack sure, but I mean... You can hear his controller clicking, (analog stick) and see the speed of the kniving. I'm not saying it's for sure real, but I just don't want it to be a hack xD @Ragdo Sure thing, I'll add you and whenever you wanna play I'm down. @Matuzz I got the green mist 3 times with the same gun (as said in OP) and it lead me to believe using another weapon removes it (Still contemplating that with the evidence Ragdo supplied) So I'm not surprised that you got it multiple times, especially with all different guns.
  2. Korruppt

    Tranzit Perma Perks / Upgrades Info

    Okay, been researching a little since I am having a break from trying to get a permanent stamin-up (Running a tone of miles in one game >_ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4L5ft_ziv0 ^^^ Apparently, it's a "Knifing Perk"? And I don't want to say it's hacked or a glitch cuz I want it to be a real thing. Can you imagine how long you could survive with just the galvaknuckles with this? I believe it might be from killing denizens without the galvaknuckles or the bowie knife. Seems fitting, given that you need more speed to kill them faster, and that's the only situation I can see anyone achieving this in. Anyone have this as well? Or something similar? Also, apparently you can get perm stam from 500 total miles ran (Doubt it, I have 1000ish) and I don't feel faster. Although he did say you regain stamina faster, and I do feel like I regain a tad fast. Anyways, just some more things for you guys to try and disprove / confirm. :)
  3. Korruppt

    Tranzit Perma Perks / Upgrades Info

    Ragdo, I would actually very much like to race you, and play with you. You seem to know your stuff and I have been trying to confirm a "stamin-up" perma perk. If you think you have one then I would like to see it. I have been racing everyone I play with and I run at the same speed, for 5 seconds (no perks, m1911)
  4. Korruppt

    Tranzit Perma Perks / Upgrades Info

    I'm sorry, but I am one of those guys who runs everywhere. And I can almost certainly guarantee that running over the large lava pits a few times will not get you this. I usually run over the one near the diner about 10 times a game. But it's an easy thing to test and I'll do it right now. @Ragdo, thanks for the info on how to lose the perks. But my OP was about losing them xD The whole attacking with another weapon. Might be because no headshots (since my other weapon was the mp115, and my main was the Mnesia) etc etc. But I think we can figure this out guys. Pool our knowledge and skills, we'll get there ;)
  5. Korruppt

    Tranzit Perma Perks / Upgrades Info

    Yeah, when I first saw the video I thought it was either hacks or photoshopped (somehow) I didn't think it could be real because something that obvious and necessary would have been found by now right? Wrong, I only just got it yesterday for the first time since BO2 came out... So I have CONFIRMED this, I have achieved this, I filmed it, the 3 guys I was playing with all heard me telling them, and squealing like a girl c: I urge you to just play, experiment with kills, grenade kills etc etc. Just play and do random things you might get it. BUT, I do think I might have a clue. This game was the first time I actually ran into a lava pit (the one in the center of the town) to revive a friend. I ran in, sat there and revived him while in the lava the whole time, that might have something to do with it. Good luck trying to get this everyone, I loved it for the short time I had it. Definitely going to try and get it again.
  6. Korruppt

    Tranzit Perma Perks / Upgrades Info

    Thanks for the feedback guys. Means a lot Yes, I did say aim assist, sorry for the misconception. And I had to post this because a lot of the posts (no offense to posters) had wrong or unconfirmed info on them. I have been hunting Perma perks since they were found so I had to put my 2 cents in. Yes, I'm sure it wasn't a glitch because someone else had it on youtube, and I somehow got it . Sadly though i lost it later that game >_ Youtube vid of "Fire Resistance" https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=p ... XgrT7n7YNw I'll comment again if I have any new information.
  7. Korruppt

    Tranzit Perma Perks / Upgrades Info

    Okay first of all seeing as I just joined the forums, I just wanted to thank you guys for having such good info on all this zombies stuff (I knew most of it, but it helps out those who don't). The community is quite awesome too First, I'm going to list the Perma "Perks" I have confirmed myself. And the ones I have heard confirmed. If there are any that you yourself or with a friend have confirmed, post it and maybe a vid would be great too. (Sorry if this is a bit long) Quick Revive! Allows a faster revive without actually buying the Quick Revive perk. From 3 seconds to 2 seconds. (Stacks with actual perk) How to unlock: Anywhere between 7-20 revives (yes, the variation is a lot between different people) Deadshot / Overkill Aim-assist locks on at a way farther distance, headshot damage is increased and the zombies heads explode upon death. How to unlock: A lot of different sources and confusing guides etc. But how I believe you unlock it is with a double headshot. I will ellaborate later on about this but yes. Irn-Bru / Barric-Aid Replaces the wooden planks that you normally use with Steel / Iron planks that takes an extra 2 seconds per plank for the zombie to remove. How to unlock: Repair barriers and obtain (I think) about 200+ points from repairs alone. Okay now, on to the main reason for posting. A lot of people have been wondering about why they lose some of their perks. So all day today I have been testing my theory and I think I may have stumbled upon something. All day I have just been using the Mnesia (Upgraded M14) with Juggernog, Stamin-up, Quick Revive & Double Tap II. I started the game and had "Overkill" (Their heads were exploding every kill) and by round 6 I got an insta-kill and killed maybe 3 zombies with a knife, on round 9 I got a green mist from a double headshot. On round 19 I got 3 galva-knuckles kills and then on round 20, I got another green mist from yet another double headshot. So I thought, "Hmmm, I am getting a few of those recently." Now, I only used the Mnesia for this game (and just fyi, it's a beast with DTII & Overkill) Then, I got a few galva-knuckles kills before checking how strong my headshots were, it took 2 headshots to kill a full health zombie on round 21. But, on round 22 I got yet another green mist, from another double headshot. So I checked the headshot damage after that and it was a 1 hit kill with a headshot! (might have been a little damaged but can't be sure) Now, before you go crazy and start spamming headshots to try and get this "thing" to kill zombies with a single headshot on round 50, Listen. I played another game a little later today, using the same tactic. I bought the M14 and upgraded it and my M1911, bought my perks and Galvas and sat at the diner. I had heard about a possible "Perma PHD" from killing fire zombies, so I was DEFINITELY going to attempt this. I sat there from about round 3 and just farmed headshots, and flaming zombie kills. I got a green flash on round 9 from a double headshot. Now I checked on about round 4 with all the perks I had, how long I could stand in the lava before the lava ticks actually started hurting me. I could withstand 4. I used the M&S (for the first time) on round 14 & 15 for a few grenade kills. But, I got a green flash on round 16, so I checked my "flame resistance" and to my absolute astonishment I could withstand 7 before taking damage. Now, I got a few more green flashes that game before dying but my flame resistance didn't change. Although, after using my M&S on round 18, I heard the sound people have been talking about when you lose a perma perk. So here is my theory/s. If you get a green flash with a specific weapon, you may unlock a hidden (I have no clue what you could unlock. Probably multiple things at this stage) perk or something. BUT, if you get any kills with another weapon, you will lose it (Explains the reason I kept getting green flashes all day, after using other weapons). Secondly, I think killing flame zombies might be a key to getting a possible perma PHD. I mean think about it, first time zombies can be set on fire, and they cause damage to you when they explode. Treyarch obviously put that in for a reason. Anyways, thanks for wasting 20 minutes to read all this. And I appreciate it a lot. That is all I have to say and I hope it helps some of you guys. Go out and see for yourself. Come back and post some more info if you find it. Peace. //Edit: Unlocked a "PHD"perma perk in a 4 man tranzit game today. I was standing in lava and wasn't getting fire on my screen. One of the best things I've ever seen. No clue how to unlock it.

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