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  1. I would like to disprove some aspects and queries about the ranking system, and in fact support my theory about the 'triangle' system, which is weighted. I have a second silver account called Cyclotome, and I intend to get a 100% headshot:kill ratio and at least a 600+k/d. At the same time, I'll get no rounds recorded on the leaderboards. I'll do this all by playing Headshots Only in custom games, so that I can get a 100% headshot ratio and that means the rounds achieved wouldn't count. I'll try as hard as I can and do the 'end game' trick if I get trapped to minimize downs. However, I need the gold membership, so if anyone has a two-day free trial or 24 hours or anything among those lines, please send them to the gamertag "Cyclotome" and I'll put this theory to the test. It will debunk whether rounds are a factor, and it will also determine whether the rank is achievable in solo. On my original account, zNutty, I have a 33% headshot:kill ratio and a 133 k/d with 40+ rounds survived on some maps. I'm in the top 2000 for about 6 leaderboards which are round related (Bus Depot solo/2 player, Town solo/2 player, Farm solo/4 player). It will take a LOT of grinding to get these ratios up because I have a fair amount of headshots, kills and downs, so to get the ratios up it will take a long time, compared to starting fresh. Before I do this, I would like to see whether solo/rounds are a factor. Thanks for reading.
  2. I can comment about headshots. I have a guy with 60% Headshot ratio and He has over 100k kills and 1000+ revives and less than 500 downs. His average is Round 40 all maps solo and co-op . He never got shotguns and stuck on knife. Jeez, I have no idea what it could be based on, then. My best guess would be something to do with consistency, or experimentation, because that journal entry keeps popping up whenever you load zombies and the last line is "Experimentation is key." when it's in the same paragraph about a new ranking system. From personal experience, I ranked up from regular skull to skull with a knife by Pack-A-Punching every weapon in one game. Not sure if this is valuable information or not, just an idea. Perhaps you have to reach a certain round with headshots only/dogs/magic off?
  3. If that were true, how would anyone get a good rank if everyone starts off at a bad rank? And how could the solo people rank up? Seems a bit unfair. Thanks for the contribution, though.
  4. I have a friend who has a 90 K/D but 30+ rounds on TranZit with the shotguns. He also has a 50% headshot ratio, which I think is the key to this whole thing. Think about it - every single zombie game/movie tells you to aim for the head. It's one of the most iconic thing about killing zombies. So in a game where killing zombies, you get rewarded for getting headshots, simple. This also links in with the picture in the ranks - they're skulls - which may signify headshots. I think this can truly reflect skill, as a good player will not have to rely on the ray gun (which is incapable of getting headshots) as it is an easy escape out of any situation. A good player will consistently shoot the zombies in the head (evident that they're accurate). If I can be bothered, after the exams I'll use my second account (GT: Cyclotome, he's silver though) and play custom games with headshots only all the time. Additionally, now that I think about it even more, it could be a system which bases true skill off any two given factors, or it could be a total of the three, but say if you excel in one (e.g. round 200) it will bring the 'mean' up. Consider this image: The formulas inbetween the factors will be the 'skill level' for that area. This explains the round-skip glitchers as they would've had a k/d in that game with their new accounts, and they could have had a 100% headshot ratio with ease. They would also have an outstandingly high 'highest round' achieved , so it would bump the whole thing up. I think there are lots of other factors to (as in a duration is required so all the new players with a good first game can't get an instant shotgun rank, or maybe you need to be five tallies in your current rank to advance to the next one?(tallies are based on activity, it would make no sense for them to put them in there randomly because no one really cares about the activity of a player)). tl;dr headshots count mofo. Remember, it's just a theory.