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  1. Written Guide to Tower of Babble EE - Updated for 2 players

    @way2g00: You're welcome! You may spread this theory, if you think it's plausible,... The more people trying to find out if this is true the better.... kind regards,
  2. Written Guide to Tower of Babble EE - Updated for 2 players

    I THINK THE MORSE CODE = PART OF THE SECRET PLAN, THAT DR. MAXIS HAD IF SOMETHING HAPPENED TO HIM. I quote: "Due to his suspicions of Richtofen, Maxis had an emergency plan should Richtofen kill him and try and take control of the zombies. When Richtofen activates the zombie-controlling device, a recording of Maxis can be heard saying he can help stop Richtofen. At the end(???) of this plan, missiles from the moon are launched at Earth, incinerating it"..... [source] *** MORSE CODE #1: "STAY CLOSE TO ME" I quote: ....."Samantha Emilia Abigail Maxis was born to Ludvig Maxis and his unknown wife. After his wife died, Maxis made sure SHE WAS ALWAYS CLOSE TO HIM"..... This might be a clue to who the messager of this morse code is. Probably Dr. Maxis speaking to Samantha (because he once told this to Samantha)..... [source] Also the light is red/orange, so that is also pointing to Maxis or Samantha. *** MORSE CODE #2: "GO TO THE LIGHT" Did you notice the pyramid between diner and farm? This thing looks (according to the shape and its size) an awful lot like the pyramid Samantha was trapped in on Moon. My theory is that either Dr. Maxis OR Samantha is trapped in this thing and we can get him or her out by loading the pylon and/or pyramid with element 115. The sparkling orbs around the traffic light might absorb the element 115 that is needed. We maybe have to start to try interact with this thing? *** MORSE CODE #3: "POWER IS KNOWLEDGE" Since Dr. Maxis was 'head scientist' of the Group 935 (Richtofen was of a lower rank: assistent), Maxis might have more knowlegde than Richthofen and some of this information he might have shared with Samantha. And if that's true, maybe she can help us, if she can get her body back... OR if we free Dr. Maxis, if he's the one in the pyramid, he might be the one able to help us. Both of them might know something what Richtofen DOESN'T know and what possibly helps us!... *** MORSE CODE #4: "HELP ME SO I CAN HELP YOU" Either Samantha gets back her own body and she is able to help us in some way OR if we free Maxis from the pyramid (if he's the one who's in there) he might be the one that helps us.... *** MORSE CODE #5: "THE FUTURE IS OURS TO DESTROY" "The future is ours to destroy" -> Richtofen is in control over the zombies and therefore in controle of the future of mankind. We need to 'destroy' him" to survive and save mankind... *** MORSE CODE #6 ENERGY CAN ONLY BE TRANSFORMED Might refer to (Einsteins Theory of Relativity) the fact that Dr. Maxis/Samantha might be in another form now, but her/his 'energy' can't be wiped out and therefore she/he is not yet defeated. *** MORSE CODE #7 "WE SHALL PREVAIL" The determination (commitment) of Samantha and her father to punish Richtofen and the everyone involved in the betrayal. *** This is starting to make me believe this "commitment" mentioned by Jimmy Zielinsky, is refering to the commitment Samantha Maxis has to get her body back and Dr. Maxis' and Samantha's will to destroy everyone who was involved in betraying them (and all those who have helped). -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ALL SOURCES: *http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Samantha_Maxis *http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Dr._Maxis *http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Edward_Richtofen *http://callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Moon/Quotes#Samantha_Maxis