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  1. (1. sorry for my bad english :oops: ) so i also think that the major fact of ranking up is the k/d....till now cause one of my friends reach the same emblem like me, (skull with dagger) ok no problem but he has a k/d´r of 30 ??? with only 7k kills so wtf is that sh***? he play´s nearly all the time with me so i know that he go down very often and on the leaderboard he is in every categorie place > =1.000.000 maybe a few high rounds in a row can be the answer?
  2. My stats by far: Kills: 65367 Accuracy: 130% Headshots: 18125 (30%) Revives: 900 Doors: 495 Perks: 519 Gibs:78967 Grenade Kills: 1241 Traveled Miles: 1072 Downs: 326 (K/D = 200) Death: 213 Tranzit Solo: 42 Tranzit Multi: 26 Farm Solo: 27 Farm Multi: 0 Town Solo: 38 Town Multi: 35 Bus Solo: 19 Bus Multi: 0 Rank: still the Skull with Dagger :cry:
  3. Kills: 37681 Downs: 253 k/d: 148,9 Highest round in solo or co-op: Solo Tranzit Round 42 Emblem or Rank: Skull with Dagger