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    Red beam of light from Bank to Tower

    1. Haven't tried it, I'll give it a shot. 2. Once you complete Richtofen's, after having completed Maxis', the beams turn blue. 3. Maybe, as I remember after completing Maxis' side, his transmission is cut short, and it kind of ends abruptly. Not sure, however it's still a good point. 4. You can't really do both sides of the ee in one game, unless you made a whole new profile. NGTZombies Spiderbite covers this throughout his TranZit easter egg guide series.
  2. Tantulum_JD

    Red beam of light from Bank to Tower

    I have a picture of the light beam perfectly penetrating the center of the shield, with the glass still in tact. Nothing happened. I don't know how to post it, if someone tells me how or has iMessage I can send it to you.
  3. Tantulum_JD

    Red beam of light from Bank to Tower

    Also... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjtnR9lp ... vA&index=2 Can we please forget the whole Jet Gun the clock theory now? I can personally say I agree with Spider - I made it to round 49 solo, at that point nothing is really effective. The Jet Gun is still an instant kill, and trust me, you see that little electrical cloud all the time when you actually use it. I have a Pic of me getting to 49, and here's a and HDPVR recording of the electrical stuff.
  4. Tantulum_JD

    Red beam of light from Bank to Tower

    Imjayisthatok - we didn't use the electric fence or the turret yet in the easter egg - what makes you think we have to use every buildable? If I'm wrong, please cite a youtube video of them actually using it in the easter egg. We've only used 2/5 buildables (turbine and Jet Gun). Also, The shield is made of glass, metal door, and a wheely dock. The door isn't particularly shiny, glass refracts light, and you can't get the wheely dock to easily face the lights, unless you set it down. Treyarch really does know their stuff, and they implement it accurately and well - aside from the entire zombie concept, time travel, and teleportation.
  5. Tantulum_JD

    Red beam of light from Bank to Tower

    AplhaOmega - "Thanks for testing out the theory (whether you meant to or not ) I dunno if you saw my post. Perhaps try with a friend and see if you can aim that beam at your friend when he stands at the bank" I did see your post, and I thought that way to easy - just hit someone with the beam. I'll do it, but two things 1) don't expect anything and 2) you can't really "aim" the beam - the beam randomizes itself, with little pattern as far as I can tell.
  6. Tantulum_JD

    Red beam of light from Bank to Tower

    Edit - just got the sparkles. The only thing I've noticed with the upgraded sparkled RPD is that now the blue light seems to fade to purple much faster. Other than that, nothing. Also I've gotten Him/Avagadro/Electrical ghost man to spawn in town, and I'm staring at the handle. Again, nothing out of the ordinary.
  7. Tantulum_JD

    Red beam of light from Bank to Tower

    I've completed Richtofen's side, and I took a spin on the box, I got the blue sparkles, got the RPD. I went and stood at the Laundromat, nothing out of the ordinary - the light beams behaved as they normally have been documented. I upgraded the RPD and it seems that the lights have completely disappeared - I've stood, staring ADS (not firing - some post previous has said you don't need to, and unupgraded RPD w/o firing got the lights to sparkle) for a good 30 seconds and no blue lights appeared. I have a full bank, round 3, and I'm top 200 in the world for zombies solo TranZit. Any ideas, I can test in solo?

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