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  1. symbol on ground

    was thinking in maybe had something to do with the runes of creation as my thought would be those are elemental as well as the margwas that cause that effect on zombies. so was thinking maybe you had to run over a certain ammout of those symbols to get something to happen or maybe kill the zombie to get that symbol in a certain location,
  2. symbol on ground

    not seen mention of this thing but i got it by letting a elemental margwa get close and do its ground pound or its element thing while there were also a bunch of zombies close by. it knocked the zombies over then i notices some of them where letting off a blue haze upon killing those ones the symbol in the pic appeared on the ground one for each zombie that had the haze i ren over the symbol but seemed to take damage from it. any ideas?
  3. What's ur id I'm up for Easter egg anytime!