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    really suprised this conversation isnt way bigger. My thoughts: it seems many people are to the same spot. They have gotten their swords, upgraded their swords, filled the eggs, opened up pack a punch and even killed or atleast trapped the shadowman. For those doing it on coop a new step has emerged and that is a giant worm has spawned in the middle of the map surrounded they 3 "witches" holding swords and one above the giant worm. But i havent seen or heard of anything past this. What i have noticed is that: 1. at this point if someone dies you can respawn them by simply calling the tram. 2. the worm will disappear for about 5 seconds when the tram gets close. 3. there is a mechanic to have "infinate" beast mode although im not completely sure the rules that apply here. 4. there are white orbs spread out across the map that you must touch from time to time or you will die. 5. the marwas head are now purple. can anyone add to this list of new things in the map?