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  1. new discoveries for big easter egg.

    my roomy just said if you shoot a teddy bear when it comes out of the mystery box with a L115 Isolator, it stops it from happening and never happens again. no proof on that though.
  2. new discoveries for big easter egg.

    ps, the note thing doesn't pop up til late in the rounds, we were on 31 when we noticed. we were looking for the third radio. we also just noticed that there's a picture missing from the top window in lobby that was there when we were playing. I'm updating this as we play, sorry about double posting.
  3. hey what's good I'm new on here. I learned about y'all last night on my quest to figure out the whole kino conspiracy. me and my roommate no lifed a game for 8 hours and learned some small stuff that may be helpful. First of all, the D115 Disassembler destroys the generators and all the black cables/wires on the map. we found this out literally 15 minutes ago so I created an account to share it. Second of all, if you throw a monkey bomb in the open window to the right of the double tap, it starts screaming and the window to the left opens wider. Third, after you destroy the generators, flys appear above the dumpsters outside. Fourth, there seems to be a note on a broken column above the MPL room, I haven't made time to check yet. Fifth, there are like 6 hanging chandeliers I've noticed. other stuff I've noticed is the Berlin tower seems to be more animated than the rest of the background so I'm wondering if it matters for the ee. also there is a backpack/satchel thing in front of the car on the right outside the map by lobby. sorry if I confused anyone, I'm baked. If any of this was already known, sorry. I just wanted to help.