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  1. Window Setup Explanation

    Hi! ive never made a post before so just bare with me lol so as most of you know, there are 6 windows in the spawn room on five, and only 4 can ever be active at a time. the order of 4 within the set of 6 is random every single time you start the game. what most players fail to realize is that there is a way to change the order of the 4 windows :) this can be done by taking the lower elevator in the war room down into the labs. going up or down once will change the windows (down = 1 shuffle / up = 1 shuffle) it can also be done by opening the PaP room by activating all the DEFCON switches. So why would this be even remotely important? well, with the right window setup, it can make for the fastest possible strategy on the map :p heres a thing i made in ms paint to show you what i mean: heres a vid of how to use the {A,D,E,F} setup https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygQ2rN7DEc0 "some guy did the calculations on it and i dont have that opened or written down anywhere so no reason to mention but i did cause i can" that "some guy" was me :p thanks very much for anyone who views this post.