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    The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    Excellent point blindbusdrvr. Some group with sufficiently advanced technology could definitely do all those things. The problem I have with shangri la not being on earth is with the mines and th explorers time line. Considering the inferior technology of the mines when compared to the temple it would seem they were dug later by a technologically inferior group. One problem is that the mountains are present now and in the past during the eclipse meaning that shangri la is probably in the same place during at least those two times. The explorers arrive by land and take the time machine back to the eclipse which hints at them arriving between when the eclipse happened and the team arrived meaning it was on earth in between those two points and in the same place during those two points. This implies that shangri la would have been off world returned while the explorers entered and then returned off world. Also the presence of the mines in the present and past hints that all the times are relatively recent. Also the dead humans buried in the mines seems to indicate humans were present during its creation before the eclipse. So it would have had to have visited earth another time or there would have to be a population of humans bearing an odd resemblance to Asian culture using modern era technology to create the mines.
  2. Jackmayborn

    The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    My apologies about not being clear enough in my last post. I did not mean you have to be a scientist to theorize about the story line. I was merely referring to the reliability of in game characters. Anyone can contribute ideas as to what the zombies storyline is. There have been a lot of interesting posts in this thread and I have tea through all of them. I would like to thank the person who started this thread, tac I believe. There has been a good discussion here.
  3. Jackmayborn

    The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    Nazi zombies actually a very logical story. The way good science fiction works is by saying "suspend your disbelief and assume one thing" in this case it is that there is this element 115 that emits massive amounts of energy and reanimated dead cells. Everything else is a logical progression of that. Time travel, teleportation, and energy weapons are theoretically possible with a powerful enough energy source. Also the entire story line has so far incorporated a lot of unexplained things from the past while not contradicting established facts of history, except for the nuke, but I'm sure via time travel that will he undone. Also the things the characters say are not necessarily true. All the characters have specific view points and it needs to be considered whether or not a particular character is in a position to know what they are talking about. For example the 935 scientists are reliable sources for 115 and zombie science whereas other characters, such as tank know very little of what is going on. Yes, Brock and Gary believe in agartha but it has not been established that they are a reliable source.
  4. Jackmayborn

    The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    Clarifying my last post. I believe shangri la is in the Himalayas,( evidenced by the south central Asian culture of the zombies. While I stated the temples are rockets I do not believe that the whole area is capable of moving, I believe the time travel device and the mines are permanently attached to the area they were built and are not moved by teleportation or otherwise. My personal theory as to the origin of shangri la is that in the (probably near) future a group( possibly Richtofen or the future equivalent of 935 will make the time travel function of the teleporter it's intended function and make it much more reliable. This group will try to influence the future by altering the past. They will go to the pre1940's and build shangri la in order to give Richtofen and his 935 sect the ability to reach the moon( evidenced by the explorer saying the architecture was more of an interpretation and the time travel technology present in shangri la). The group placed the technology in the past disguised as temples so that it would not be discovered before the intended time. This is merely a possible explanation for my theory in my last post and this currently does not have enough evidence to be certain.
  5. Jackmayborn

    The Shangri-La and Mars Connection

    I have been considering this for a while and I believe I have discovered some of shangri la's secret. In summary, I believe that Richtofen's splinter group of 935 used the temples which are rockets disguised as temples, to get to the moon base. When Richtofen used the first teleporter, he was taken to the pyramid, the mpd, on the moon, and after a short time there, he was recalled and ended up in shangri la. At this point Richtofen already distrusted maxis and only told a few scientists close to him. I believe only about six people can use 935 teleporters without becoming zombies and this is supported by the radios in der reise detailing the creation of the zombies. I believe these six people are Richtofen and the other playable characters, samantha, and possibly Dr. Maxis. I believe these six can use the teleporters due to 115 experiments done on them in der reise. The three playable characters had experiments done on them by Richtofen as detailed by the CotD radios. The radios also state Richtofen Secretly performed experiments on Samantha to spite Dr. Maxis. I believe Richtofen also performed experiments on himself and perhaps Dr. maxis experimented on himself in order to control the zombies or with the perk-a-colas. So in order to get the building supplies for the moon base and eventually all the live subjects to sacrifice to power the mpd they would have to use rockets, but this was well before rockets capable of getting to the moon. Luckily for them they discovered that the temples at shangri la were rockets. This is supported by the facts that you can see them in the air on the shangri la loading screen and a monkey takes off in a rocket from that map after taking a random drop, the moon loading screen also shows a temple in space as well as a stationary one, presumably the same one landed, which the astronauts are walking away from. Richtofen led them back to shangri la, possibly because of the large amount of 115 which the may have mined. I believe that either Richtofen's grou mined this using the locals as labor or maxis did this himself after Richtofen's assassination attempt. I believe the workers used their bare hands to mine the 115 out eventually causing them to break out in boils and die, rising as zombies. This would have happened from the 1940's to early 50's. Richtofen discovered the rockets and used them to return to the moon to find the mpd because the teleporter was extremely inefficient in these days(moon radios) and were deadly to most people. After Richtofen tried to kill maxis, Samantha and the doctor used the teleporter to escape, sending Samantha to the moon base and the Dr. Maxis to shangri la where he invented the shrink ray( Richtofen's dialogue when getting the gun) and eventually getting trapped on the catacombs. The two explorers would have gotten to shangri la between the late 50's to the present and would have been teleported back to shortly after Richtofen's group left, either because the mines went dry, they left for the moon base or the zombies overwhelmed them.

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