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  1. NGT Zombies is here!!!

    Superhands, I'm glad that you found our tips and tricks usefull, although, I don't think they helped you that much. You seem to be quite the Zombie player. :lol:
  2. NGT Zombies is here!!!

    Thanks Chopper, I'll run it by the guys and see what they think. Also, It's great to know that you guys watch and enjoy our videos.
  3. NGT Zombies is here!!!

    Hello everyone, This is Spiderbite from NGT Zombies. I am happy to be joining CoDz. I hope that you guys can suggest up some challenges and custom maps. We might Even have an open lobby post now and then. Thanks and check us out on Youtube.http://www.youtube.com/user/NGTZombies Also check out our G2PO here:http://www.g2po.com/MyG2PO.aspx?userid=11