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  1. Balcony and locked mystery box

    really? oh well. wish I could figure it out either way. would be fun for solo... I'm not going to risk altering the unit or anything though. Maybe if I could afford a second one just to play around with! Too bad actually. Would be very cool if it was built in somehow. I must admit I just recently bought the game and somewhat noobish... As well as now very addicted :S
  2. Balcony and locked mystery box

    First of all - I play on PS3 But not too long ago I was playing online - and someone got up on the balcony. I'm talking about the upper level of seats in the theater. As well, the mystery box (all of them) became locked, with like a red (i think it was red) strap tying it closed. Does anyone know how to get up on this balcony?