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    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    i appreciate the attempt, but was lost in your rambling i'm that heavy defense that's exhausting your handling frost that i'm sampling, flow cold as dry ice lay the rhythm down, but i'm still livin the high life can't begin to touch me, you can't get the clearance can't make people feel your rhymes, they lack coherance i pick up the mic, and start settin the genius free rock steady flow to your brain, fed intravenoulsy call me the professor, teachin lessons on life i dominate the battle when i'm blessin the mic i'm years ahead of these kids, quick step your style up spittin deadly sh*t, like it's causin' 5 car pile ups
  2. abitfaded

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    order up, these challengers still fall promptly i'm the last man standin, yellin kill all zombies leave you with holes in your soul, after guns fill ya full i spit with abstract flare, you rap your one syllables you're rhymes are momentumless, convulsin when my venom hits i send em this rap, just to boast n flow endlessness faded pimp the vibes, you on that nursery rhyme simplified adapt to my surroundings, while you're unable to improvise a veteran amongst these rookies, you the novice type old school MTG, son i hit em with a lava spike hottest ripe, rhythm put it out until you drop the mic crowned the best in the game, you lames will stop tonight
  3. abitfaded

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    dismember tankeo, burn his beast horn to keep warm composin over-dosin' flows, maintainin my free form my sh*t stinks, sniff it, givin' models a buzz flow beefed up like i chugged a bottle of juggs marx on my skin, lemme manifest my destiny these heavy-weight rappers on some anorexic recipes doin dope flows, movin to where the smoke blows stinks to high heaven til the motha flippin pope knows a single man to shape the world, i hope your readin deep i let out war crys, you're on your knees while you plead n weep blast it off raw and fiery, wanna try me now? in the game spittin bullets til day they come and lie me down if you haven't seen it yet, check out my nazi zombie rap http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0agk5qyiJpA
  4. abitfaded

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    no challenger, eternal flow balancer silence yer, flames maim your islands or whatever is, you reside on, everest is my measure of slick, pirate shit my treasure is thick crash a boat, spittin razors just to slash your throat then collapse the whole, game reign alaska flow maximal, twist it up n your thorax is pulled rappin bold, graspin gold, sittin by where the plasma glow ask the whole crew, maintain i flippin smash the bowl eatin cereal killers, sayin their game is mashable flash the full picture screen, weak dreams are bashable passion'll, be keepin me fully rational grasp the bull by the horns, renewed and i trash the old vastly glow, spaz freefall, evil when the glass be full

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