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    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    Every thing is garbage, 2 verses in this thread were fine, Ironic ain't it?, those 2 verses in this thread were mine, .. ima weapon sprayer, ill ehdukayte ya with this lesson When I decimate ya, say goodbye to the thread creator, He blew the win, the minute he spit his bull, Ate all these shitty rappers, ain't know I could get this full, bitch ill infiltrate ya bungalow, eat you n call it lunch to go, You're family reuinions the only time you round a bunch of hoes, I rapidly throw the punches, ain't shit for me to munch a foe, Ill freeze you with this tundra flow n beat you to a fuckin pulp, Demons in my nervous system, devil in my fuckin soul, What is this a foolish joke? Hoe you'll get smoked like bud in bowls, After this, dudes ll be scared to spit a rap, Cuz my impact, is that of a terrorist attack, .. ill drag you to hells bowels where suddam be, Instead of tryna rhyme you should stick to playin zombies.
  2. BrickShitHouse

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    wow,that was nice,thanks for reviving this thread but don't let your raps go to your head me and ed and gabeeh are still the BAWSE,best recognize i'm gonna serve you up with a large drink and some beer batteered french fries i'm KAZ,do you know who i am i've got more rapping ammunition than uncle sam your raps remind me of lil wayne to bad his rhymes and yours are extremely lame you best remember the name just wait for ed,then you'll learn your lesson then you'll think twice before you start messin i'll start of a feast of red rice,a salad and some dressin now you best rap........before i say the blessing i... aim at ya man n force his brain to expand, that's what you get for thinkin you could dodge the chain of command, i keep a tool like the maintenance man, i really ball, you screamin but i can barely see your face in the stands, im chasin it fam, blunted wit a case in the van, while you struggle to even hustle up an eighth of a gram, fuck a rapper never savor the lamb, i add the spices to these underwhelming artists then i bake em in pans, wave the flag, pay the tab or im takin ya land, what can i say? lifes a bitch but im takin her hand, authentically spittin killin your silicone flows, im a giant doin pull ups on telephone poles, im fed up, bitch got stuck, i took it overboard n guess what, your chick got fucked, just ask the trojan horse, rappas tryna race me, those bitches dont even know the course, tryna get a starting role but they dont even know the sport
  3. BrickShitHouse

    The Official Rap Battle Thread

    lets get this shit straight, all of you are garbage, my arsenal is flawless, all of you are targets, execution is my expertise, i sever feet n serve a pussy rapper for thanksgiving... let us feast, you better speak if i speak to you hoe but never preach, im teachin lyrical lessons biggie could never teach, im on top of everything must i remind you?, Apollo 13 failed to get as high as i do, i damage shit, superman himself couldn't handle this, spit the flame n melt you like wax, but there's no candles lit, often walkin beaches on my fresh Adidas sandal shit, dismantle cliques of wannabe thugs destruction's what vandals get, im rappin on some worst day shit, n the first gay bitch tryin to spar gon need a first aid kit, i aint playin around, beef aint makin a sound, n as for the rules.. for now on i'll be layin em down

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