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  1. How Far Have you Gotten?

    Round 48 solo on Ascension... I was doing a pretty good rapetrain with the thundegun (not zeus canon), but then I ran out of ammo, ran across the map and use all traps to end the round, but then I was screwed over by the double hit bug by 3 zombies >. 33 multiplayer on Der Riese. We were just overunned at the end... That map is unbelieavebly good with some good teammates... Its in my oppinion the best multiplayer map 'cause it forces you to play together and not just rapetrain 4 different places... And the people saying that if you can get to round 70 solo you can get as far in multiplayer has no idea what they are talking about... My argument is 'TheSyndicateProject'... Look at his round solo (115) and some of his rounds on multiplayer...