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  1. Gathered some really cool info about this subject. Shows Nikolai potentially being a Test Subject and how it relates to the campaign and the zombies storyline. check it out and let me know what you think!
  2. I caught a brief moment from the Black Ops 3 campaign trailer, that was released a month before the game launched, possibly showing Nikolai 2.0 as a test subject. While not so sure what Nikolai is doing in a campaign trailer, I tried my best to explain how it all makes sense. In Treyarch's video, Nikolai_Memories, you can see him in a frozen forest, the surroundings match exactly of the mission Demon Within, not only that, but some of this particular mission's collectibles are A Russian Compass, A Russian Hat and a Wagner Gramophone Record. Also, you can see him lying on some kind of a surgery bed which looks identical to the CIA Black Project test subject's beds from the campaign! While I can't really confirm nor deny he is related in anyway to the CIA Black Project or the campaign as a whole, I thought it was worth mentioning that and seeing what you guys think about it. Gathered all this info for quite a while now and came up with this video, enjoy!