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    Is there any more secrets in Kino i think i found everything

    yea i did know about the 6th painting on the floor but it does not do anything like the rest of them so i figured it was useless. thanks for tryin to help i do appreciate it.
  2. Hi to all reading this post. I have been playin kino alot lately and i think i have found all the little hidden secrets in the map. first of course i found all 3 film reels in the teleporter rooms l0l. I have also found the 2 radios 1 ouside in the alley and 1 in the room with the teleporter in the chandiler (l0l). Then i found the 6 red fuse boxes. 1 next to the quick revive there is 1 in the first room you open downstairs door on the floor there is 2 in the teleporter room (thearter) and there is 2 in the dressing room where zombies come out of i have knifed or shot all of them. i have found the 3 meterors 1 in the starting room 1 in the dressing room and 1 in the room after the alley on the shelf it plays a rock song. i have found the 5 secret paintings in the first room you open upstairs press square or x on the paintings of the characters of kino and they will talk about each painting. i have found the 12 stacks of paper. there is 2 in the starting room 1 next to the quick revive on the bookshelf and 1 on the podium (l0l) next to the link pad. there are 4 in the room after the alley in the corner next to the meteror in the cases on there are 3 and there is 1 on the floor facing the window opposite where the meteror is. there are 3 in the room with the teleporter 1 on the floor next to the power generator (where the power is generating from it glowing blue) and there is 2 on the floor in front of the stage below where the turret is. there are 2 in the dressing room on the vanity mirrors and the last one is at the bar next too the speed cola. just shoot or kinfe to destroy. and last the garbage bags in the alley there are 7. there are 6 through the walkway of the alley and 1 behind the stairs in the corner where the zombies come out knife of shoot them. I have gotten or done everyting in one game and nothing happend so i dont know am i missing something??? Is there a specific order to do everting in???? Or are all these rumor about ladders droping to get to the scaffolding in the theater and Boss rounds B.S. I keep hearing people say that all the clues dont make sense and making sum crazy conspiracy about what this and that means. Could it be that its a VIDEO GAME AND DOESNT HAVE TO MAKE SENSE LOL. I Dont know but let me know ya thoughts all help any ideas all your feelings hahahahahhahaha. PSN ACCOUNT PURP_AN_PATRON

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