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  1. Hi All, first post here, was just wondering, been playing the newer zombie levels for Kino and Ascension, but went back to WAW and, started playing the original. Went to the PS store and am downloading the three map pack bundle from the PS store (the $24.99 one with all three map packs) so my wife and I could play the other older ones. It's taking forever to download, but it looks like map pack 3 is finished downloading. So I installed it while waiting for the other two to download. Cannot seem to play it, it's not even showing as an option to play. Question is, do I have to wait for mp2 and mp1 to finish downloading and install before I can even play? It's odd, because in the options for splitscreen, it is showing Verruckt and Shi No Numa, but cannot access them yet, I thought Der Reise would be there (after installing mp3 but it's not) Am I doing something wrong?