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  1. well there you go, i need not post a video now,.....wooooo!!!!! Credit to Telexion (hope i spelled it right) he did it first. Just more proof i wasnt lying. Im a CODZ fan so dont talk trash like i was lying, its gay. We all need to work together, i dont know what trolling is, but im not a troll.
  2. upgraded scavenger is needed and when you look threw the lens you must find the "GOLDEN ROD" otherwise it doesnt look golden. ill give you that tid bit, HAVE FUN!!!
  3. Its ok buddy, dont be mad. But when you find out i was telling the truth, youll be like UH! And PTG can suck it! Benn takes credit for things we do. Thats why i wont post how to do it. They just teleport and you get the wanderwaffle, then its all over. Nothing special,...hey benn if your reading this, you swagger jacker, SUCK IT BRO!!!
  4. and i have both consoles just so everyone knows.... thanks.
  5. Ok, so i dont have a capture card but you gonna have to just believe me. Someone will eventually post a video. But nothing good happens, Eddy Takeo Tank and Nik all teleport somewhere and you get the Wandderwaffle. the one that shoots electricity. Very gay. Have fun and tell that dude at PTG suck it. We find everything FIRST!!!