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  1. Highest Round on Kino Der Toten?

    29 on my own, 23 with a mate. Using Zeus Cannon and Ray Gun, leave a crawler every round, board the windows up and gets the teleport machine ready for next round, kill crawler then hold up in the teleport machine until there are loads of them on you then teleport, lob grenades at them and when you zap back do a left down the alley and do a lap turning and shooting back at them all the way to the theatre (after level 20 its advised to spring a few traps), kill them all but leave a few crawlers and repeat. Want to get a bit further online so anyone up for a serious game following the above gameplan add me and message me that your from here, cheers! Usually dumbasses online run through nukes at the end of the round and cock it up so the teleporter isn't ready and so on, really needs discipline, communication and teamwork. :ugeek: