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  1. Last Delivery - Number 7.

    Smart man. Everything Reddonkeyham said. Although my post was before said posts. I was just getting it on here asap. And I'm pretty sure it's the last as they said it would end with the new gameplay video, which is now out.
  2. Last Delivery - Number 7.

    It looks as though this is going to be used in a simliar fashion to that of the Monkey Bombs. Perhaps only for a few zombies though. Throw a slab of meat out to get them off of your tail, maybe if you've ran out of ammo, or to lure them into a TRAP!
  3. Please be a joke...

    Ok let me set this straight. In the beginning there was 'Call of Duty'. This was a war based game series which sold very well and became very popular because of it's gripping campaign and gameplay. Then they decided to take a risk when 'World at War' came out and put a Zombie mode in!?! What were they thinking right! Most people who used to play Call of Duty would have gotten quite angry at the idea if they heard it prior to it's release and said that the designers were ruining a good thing - taking away the "seriousness" of the game. But did they? NO! Then after it's success with world at war they used ex-presidents instead of the original characters in Black Ops! WTF surely?! Why would they!?! Oh wait it's not actually that bad... it was a nice change of pace. But alas it is now time for something more and Treyarch surely are renowned for their innovative and SUCCESSFUL creations and have proved themselves capable of doing the game justice! Let's let them do what they do best and stop complaining! They know what they are doing! Peace Out! [The-Note]