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  1. redshadow

    Phone Number found!!! Linked to GKNOVA6?!?

    has anyone tried the 877 number lately? i was able to reach the mailbox last night around 9pm est. but now every time i try it will just disconect me.
  2. redshadow

    Phone Number found!!! Linked to GKNOVA6?!?

    thanks for clearing up the sog with me. and yes it is. i just googled searched the ip and thats what had come up. i joind one more group here is a link. they have a little more compiled then this one does. http://www.nextgenupdate.com/forums/cal ... vered.html
  3. redshadow

    Phone Number found!!! Linked to GKNOVA6?!?

    what IP addy? the one for the gamestop page? the right of the poster there is this ip address. 208_75_218_28 idk if it is the gamestop one EDIT: and below the ip addy is this number 483339. already tried it for the mail box pass code doesnt work EDIT2: removed the name and number. dont need some person called 100 times over this.
  4. redshadow

    Phone Number found!!! Linked to GKNOVA6?!?

    ive found the mail box id number just cant get past the pin number. the id number is 1-7-1-2 its written out near the bottom of the poster theres also something even smaller under it but cant read it

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