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    Ok, oxm confirmed it, whatever man. haha, "we are joined by another teammate - who appears to be World at Wars Reznoz - un unexpectedly etc etc" THATS what I call confimation!
  2. Terry The Tramp


    nah, not convinced. Just because he looks abit like reznov, why is he in US uniform? Could just as much be Dempsey, he looks just like reznov/trailer character.
  3. Terry The Tramp


    Had to register after reading the discussion on this alleged Reznov character from WaW being in the trailer. How is this confirmed btw? anyhow, I dont see how this could be reznov. First of all, on the character in the trailer, his unform is marked US and the camo is Tiger Stripe, the camo of choice for most Special Forces in Late korea/early french vietnam war and the Vietnam war. second of all, who else could this character be? I thought this was a nazizombie forum I personally think its more likely to be Tank Dempsey! Unless Reznov switch sides or is a double agent, which seems abit far fetch at the moment... but who knows...

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