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  1. try this numer (210)764-0480 if u r british like me the numbers wont work so i wondered if someone in america could try it for me. This is made up of the numbers on the gknova6 site there on the machines and if you wonder were the 0 comes from there is a timer right at the bottom with only 0's so i added that on to make it a full number
  2. Reveal Trailer Live-GKNova6 logo found

    gk=company nova=project 6=test number (guy in trasmission 6)
  3. Reveal Trailer Live-GKNova6 logo found

    i was watchin the new black ops trailer when i saw this somthing that could be the GK logo on a building , sorry dont have image but go on this link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TKzdMsTtS0Q go to 0:13 and look at the neon on the building on the far right it looks like the gk logo the guy behind the clips with the documents on it looks like cpt price from mw and mw2 maybe thats the character you will plsy?