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    certainly K and G will mean KGB the russian secret police under stalin portection. Nova in german means new facts? possibly, and the new fact is that the Nazis in the 2nd world war were cool for the ukrainians bacause many other ukrainians were sacrificied on the gulags and kill by the KGB...IN my teory this is not cod 7 but its a spy battle in 2nd world war made by treyarch or agent by rockstar games, like battlefield bad company 2 came out before battlefield 3 because its an "prototype" for the best games in companies. GOing on my thinking, Richard sorge the soviet spy in japan born in baKu, actual afhganistan, Karl marx, Revolution day, anti-Komitern pack, Ramsay. In this words this leave me to an K and and R who leaves me to KR simbol of Kripton discovered by william Ramsey and is principal application is on lamps so light and freedom... a poem! Thsi leaves me to David Keig and is poem : Cry Freedom . "Cry freedom See the purest light Cry freedom With fresh sight". The fresh sight! Will be a fresh sight to guide us to decifer the poem?? Im not eaching anymore so i hope i help this community to decifer this code.... Sorry from my english i know is not the best but im not inglish im portuguese