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    First hello everyone. Been following all the decoding you guys have been doing. I wouldnt have figured all that stuff out but hope i can help in some way. Drkillshot you said you needed places where you could see spectrum arena in philly well i started looking around on the web and there are a couple places that caught my attention. Right next to spectrum arena is FDR park. haven't really looked into it too much. But just south of spectrum arena is what used to be the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard. I was looking into it when i remembered that this is also the site where the conspiracy theorists say the Philadelphia experiment happened. Dont know if it has anything to do with things but the experiment also got the code name Project Rainbow. The visible spectrum consists of the colors ROY G BIV. Those also are the colors in a rainbow. Conspiracy theorists also say that they used the earths magnetic field to achieve invisibility. But i don't know if any of this helps just thought it was some interesting information. And I will continue to look around for more places.