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  1. Channel 2 on GKNOVA6 is up!

    I've been watching this from the start and wanted to contribute. Here is what I have... I have seen a trend of nearly everything that is in plain site to contain keys to finding more information. I believe there are a few things that are in front of our faces that have not been used yet. 1. The photo featured on the TV during the second transmission at gknova6.com is so in our faces, there has to be something hidden here other then the possible time line of the game... It was taken by Ralph Crane on October 22, 1962. The main thing that springs to mind is that the photo is watermarked with LIFE on the website. If the game was Singularity wouldn’t it be marked TIME MAGAZINE or similar? 2. If you go to buy the photo at this site http://www.qoop.com/photobooks/framed_prints/layout.php you can zoom in and manipulate the image a little. All that realy stood out for me was the lady in the bottom right corner with the white hat and dark glasses and the baby on the bottom left. There is no way to get their names or the store name from what I can tell. 3. My most hopeful lead is that there is a statue near the CIA headquarters found in the co-ordinates. It is called 'Kryptos' and it contains, you guessed it, codes! According to wikipedia it is “one of the most famous unsolved codes in the world”. Find it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kryptos The wiki page contains way too much information for one post… Here we get who made the sculpture (Jim Sandborn)http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Sanborn When the sculpter made this he also placed a bunch of other items on the grounds of CIA headquaters like a copper slab with morse code on it. A group dedicated to decrypting the message hidden in the sculpture can be found here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Sanborn I think they would find our codes easy lol. Also interesting, The sculpter made similar peices titled “Antipodes” – which has a lot to do with places on earth as detailed here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antipodes Another titled “Cyrillic Projector” which includes text in Russian and some of the code found in the sculpture on the CIA grounds repeated. 4. When going to the classifieds page on somd.com I get this message "ERR-C-BAD-ASU: We're Sorry, but this page is no longer available." It is making me think that they have closed it as we have solved everything that was relating to the page... Or, we may have just overloaded their server lol. 5. I saw somewhere that a poster researched the owner of GKNOVA6.com and found that they also owned a seemingly unrelated limo company web site. Later, someone translated the numberplate into a phone number and there was a child's voice leaving a message. Did this go any further? These may be deadends but worth a shot...