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Ongoing list of bugs, fixes, and features from me and my teammates that have been playing zombies since the very first one!


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Outbreak Zombies


Compiled list of features, fixes, and bugs with Outbreak Zombies that would improve the game greatly!


  • Items disappear on the ground: Understandable that you may not want too many items to clutter the ground, but how it is currently handled is not good. It appears every item just has a timer before it vanishes. This would be a lot better if there was a limit that had to be reached before older items would disappear. If I am in a very intense fight and I don’t get a chance to get to an item quick enough, I absolutely hate that it can just vanish before I pick it up.

  • Item prompt on something that cannot be picked up: Example would be ammo when you are full and cannot pick it up. If the ammo is laying on top of a killstreak reward, in the corner of a room, it can be very difficult or even impossible to pick up the killstreak reward because the ammo is prompting you. I end up having to shot a few rounds and reload so I can pick the ammo up to get to the other items, but by then the item might have already vanished. The solution here would be to not even prompt someone with a button press to pick up something that they cannot carry. Ignore it and go to the other items in the stack.

  • Preferred auto pickup on lethal and tactical equipment: This would be something the user would set in their loadout that would allow their character to auto pickup those items if they walk over them. Similar to how they auto pickup the items if they already have one. This will just help the flow of the game. If I have 5 tomahawks, I end up just always throwing only 4 so I can have one active to initiate the auto pickup. This could also work to just have the person always auto pickup the type of item that they last had equipped, even if they have run out.

  • Allow weapons to be upgraded further: The Ether tool was exciting when it came in, with the hopes that it may be used to progress a weapon further past it’s upgrade. My group hits a wall where we just have so much money to do nothing with and we really wish we could keep pushing ourselves further and further with weapon upgrades / pack a punch. The easiest way to do this without any UI/gameplay changes would be to allow the Ether tool to push weapons beyond Legendary. Just show on the UI a +1, +2, +3, etc. for how many times it’s been upgraded.

  • Fix the challenge machine to be a bit more equalized: Some of the challenges feel unbalanced compared to the others. For example, driving over enemies hardly increases the reward hardly at all when driving over so many enemies. This is something a player cannot even do much as the vehicle will get damaged and destroyed. On the other hand, taking damage from an enemy. If you get an elite enemy isolated, you can let them keep hitting you with their projectile and heal up before their next projectile hits you. Just a couple hits will bring you to the next reward level. I was able to get 2 Legendary rewards just off of Mangler attacking me over and over. I destroyed 2 vehicles driving over enemies and only raised the reward level once.

  • Not enough enemies in multiplayer games: Players often spread out on the early levels, specially if they are doing the challenges, and there just isn’t enough enemies. Sometimes players will not have any zombies around them at all in an area, come back later in the game and the area is full of zombies. I’m sure this is some limitation being set, but I’d rather have the far zombies LOD’d out and not loaded for me then not have any close ones being loaded in.

  • Zombies vanish: Often there will be packs of zombies that will just vanish in front of the player. This just doesn’t seem fun when you are trying to do a challenge or want to just kill them.

  • Challenge rewards are not good: The challenge rewards are not satisfying. For as much work as players put in to get up to Legendary level, I feel the reward should be a bit better. Often it will be a soda that can be equivalent to 2500 to 4500 crystals, depending on how many sodas the player already has. Also the wonder weapon is a common reward and no one on my team even wants to use that thing, it’s just not good after level 1 or 2. Lastly, the exciting one, will be an epic quality weapon that is pack-a-punched to level one, but the only 3 weapons we’ve seen this happen to is the rocket launcher, grenade launcher, and a machete. I feel it would be much better if weapons similar to the mystery box were given at legendary and save the soda drops for Epic and lower.

  • Cannot see attachments on dropped weapons: This just makes it very had to really know if you want to swap out for that weapon. You can see the icons, but I do not know what icon goes to what attachment. Maybe show the stats, make it a delayed hover thing. If I hover my look at the item for a certain amount of time, the comparison comes up. Will this item be more damage but less distance? Etc.

  • Tombstone Stash just doesn’t work: Countless times we’ve died and tried to get back to our stash. It says to pay 25000 to get your stash back, but it always takes our money and doesn’t reward the stash. I would say just get rid of that entirely. Make the user spawn in with their old stash instead of making them get to it and action. It just works better that way.

  • Edge of map doesn’t line up: There are a lot of spots that the edge of the map just doesn’t line up. You will see the fog so far away yet it will make you start taking damage when you are nowhere near it. A great example of this is Golova, on the east side of the map. Specifically if a portal spawns over there, you will have to go through plenty of “Taking Damage” before you can make it to the portal. On this same map on the east side by the silo’s, you actually go out of bounds while going into a building in the south east corner of that area, yet the visual of the out of bounds is so far away and doesn’t match other maps.

  • Two things on my list have already been done since I made this list. Thank you for allowing us to use Waypoints and for adding Bosses into the game!!

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