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Guest Hollow Blades

Area 51 not on Earth? or Lazy Treyarch?

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Guest Hollow Blades

Today I was watching some Moon videos when I came across this one.


This is a big one. Is Area 51 really somewhere not on earth? or is Treyarch just Lazy and using the same Skybox as when your on the Moon.

If Treyarch did this on purpose, then Why did they do it?

Video belongs to Yoteslaya.

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Guest rutu77

¨This is getting ******* complicated...

My theory is that something cool happened, and you didnt blow up the earth. you did blow up something else... maybe other "Like-Earth" planet, that was accidentally teleported there.

and becouse it looks like earth, dempsey thinks that its earth (ooh... That's it? Seriously? All that work and all we did was blowing up the earth? What the fuck...

-Tank Dempsey).

So that what i think, there is FREAKY BIG TELEPORTER somewhere

Ps. if you want easier aswer, "no mans land" is like other space ship that haves invisibility cloak, and it flies in space between moon and earth :D

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Guest Xieon

I posted a video that shows how this is an error.

In the game I completed the easter egg, however, there was.....no earth.

The rockets went off, and blew up an object, that wasn't there. It was simply an overlay that went over the object that was Earth. If you look at the no clip videos of moon, you can see that the Earth is actually an object, like the drills, that is placed in the map, and has to load it. It can glitch out.

In my game, that's exactly what happened, it in fact did glitch out. Although I don't show it in the video (and sorry for the quality, I had to catch this quick), when I went back to Area 51, the same image was visible, no Earth, just an overlay.

This proves that it's just mirroring what happens on the moon. It's loading the moons sky in Area 51, it's a mistake. We did blow up the Earth.

Here you go:


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Guest Assassinryu25

It has to be Earth. If it blew off,it would have little to no gravity so it can't be that. I don't have the map,is there still oxygen on Area 51? If so,then that means that it still has to be on Earth,Treyarch probably used it as a shortcut. All the other inner planets have no oxygen except for Earth but I can see that Moon holds many secrets. You're suppose to blow up like how the zombies do when you shoot them with the new wonder weapon if you have no space suit because you're blood expands and forces you to literally blow up,but that doesn't happen the both the 4 and the zombies. My guess is that they're both infected or have to much 115. The humans:because of the teleporters. The zombies:becuase they're infected with 115 like how the zombies are from Shangri-La.

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Guest cjdog23

you cant hvae more then one skybox in a mp, its not treyarch being lazy, its an 8 year old engine limitation. they should be able tomake a mini-skybox around earth, and i thought thats what they did.

u just cant have two completely seperate skyboxes surrounding the whole map when u teleport

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