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Guest BlindBusDrivr

Beware of the 6 Writing...

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Guest BlindBusDrivr

I just want to clear this up for some of the Newbie's, because I have heard some crazy theories about it stuff that it's the dog round and a bunch of other stuff.

It (I'm almost 100% sure of this) means either 1 or 2 things, or both.

At Der Riese, Fluffy, Samantha's dog, was Test Subject #6, which due to complications with the teleporter became a hellhound. And the writing is simply a reference to this to show hellhounds/ dog round will be on the map.


a reference to Nova 6, which is a reference to the abominations/crawlers which release the gas.

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Guest Hick3y1

Or beware of the 6

being you back

always cover your back :)

just a thought but the fluffy thing sounds about right

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Guest The-Legend-of-C

I believe there are 4 possibilities for this writing on the wall=

-Beware of the six doors on Kino Der Toten

-Beware of the 6th round because dogs usually appear in this round

-Beware of the Nova 6 crawlers in which they are first inserted

-Beware of the 6th dimension which is time tarvel

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Guest Royal Gambit

6th dimension sounds the coolest, but I wonder who wrote it, I doubt it's a reference to the round number as nobody in the story is actually aware of the wave or round number

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Guest Tac

I believe it to be either dogs, the dimension, or crawlers/NOVA 6. Now, I believe that it isn't dimension's because it doesn't make sense to be scared of it. Next, I think that if it meant dogs it would have been on earlier maps like Shi No Numa or Der Riese.

I personally say it means NOVA 6 due to the process of elimination.

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Guest Edwantsyourhead!

Gonna have to go with the Nova 6. Think about it. We havent faced any other type of Zombie yet and that was a simple message from Treyarch saying"Say Hi to your new friends".

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Guest Royal Gambit

lol, when u put it tht way, it sounds really funny. but if u piece it together why is it written in blood, i think it may be samantha just messing around with everybody...not to mention if the crawlers were seen before why do they need to break apart new openings, why not come in the way they did before like the other zombies.

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Guest Shooter

Well i think Fluffy was actually test subject number 5 according to the Der Riese radios. During testing of Fluffy (Test Subject #5), Fluffy disappears completely...

*Barking dogs*

Maxis: Edward tie the damn thing down! We can't have it running around during the test!

*dog whimpers*

Richtofen: It's tied down now Dr. Maxis.

Maxis: Initiating Test number 5. Subject is within the test chamber. Activate power.


Richtofen: Searching for vitals. No reading, doctor. The subject has... disappeared. Dr. Maxis we've done it!

Maxis: Don't be foolish! Test number 5 is unsuccessful. Subject has vanished, yes, but has not reappeared at the mainframe. RECALIBRATE THE DAMN SYSTEM! NOW!

It is during the testing of the next subject, Test Subject #6, that Fluffy reappears in the teleporter, in HellHound form.

Dr. Maxis: Initiating test number six. Subject is within test chamber. Activate power.

*Teleporter is activated*

Dr. Maxis: Damn it Edward! Did you set up the device correctly?

Edward: Yes Doctor. As per your specifications.

Dr. Maxis: If you had done it to my specifications then it would have worked, wouldn't it? As usual your incompetence has... What?

*Hellhound noise*

Edward: Do you hear that, Doctor?

Dr. Maxis: Quiet, you fool! Test number six is a failure, but the experiment has caused some kind of electrical force to energize within the chamber. Well, open the door.

Edward : Doctor, I don't think...

Dr. Maxis: Open the door NOW!

*Door opens and dog growls*

Samantha: Daddy, what are you doing with Fluffy?

Dr. Maxis: Damn it, Samantha. I told you never to come in here. Edward, get her out of here.

Edward: Yes Doctor.

*Samantha screams*

Samantha: What's wrong with her? Daddy, what did you do? Fluffy!

Dr. Maxis: Come back here! Samantha. Stop her! Easy. Come here Samantha. Good girl. Gently Samantha. That's not Fluffy anymore. We must get out of here.

*Door closes*

Dr. Maxis: What? Edward what are you doing? Open the door. Edward. Open this door now!

Samantha: Dad. I'm scared.

Dr. Maxis: Damn you... Stay by me, Samantha.

Edward: Goodbye, Doctor Maxis.

*Power is activated and Edward laughs*

Doesn't really say much about who or what Test Subject #6 was. I think "Beware of the 6" just refers to the Nova 6 crawlers introduced in Kino Der Toten.

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Guest Royal Gambit

another thign that comes to my attention is that its written in english. wouldnt it make more sense if it was written in german?

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Guest RabbitZombie

another thign that comes to my attention is that its written in english. wouldnt it make more sense if it was written in german?

By that idea, "embrace the trinity and true power will be yours" and "turn on the power to unite" should be in german too.

It's a hint, and the hints need to be easily read, not have to be translated.

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Guest Royal Gambit

guess your right, but some hints are definitely intended to be more complicated than others.

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Guest FatedTitan

It's referring to the nova 6 zombies. Dogs will appear between round 5-7 for their first go. It's not always 6. In other words, they'd be wrong if they just wanted you to think they came at round 6.

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