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Collecting Aetherium Containers

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Three Aetherium Containers need to be found and placed in the Aetherium Generators you activated to turn on the power. First, acquire a shovel from the left bunker in the Scorched Defense Area.


One container is acquired by digging it up from the Jungle Defense Area. Go to the second enemy attack point in Jungle Defense from the left, and search for a spot where you can dig. Once you do, the area around you will have a gas that kills you if you stay in it too long, and you are trapped in a small bubble around the container. You must fight waves of enemies including hellhounds and manglers. After surviving the attack, you can pick up the container.


One container is acquired by digging it up in the area between the Helipad and Planning Offices, in a corner by a window. After digging it up, a multitude of aetherium containers will spawn outside, in engineering, and in the planning offices. All but one will have a black mist inside along with white. Find the "pure" container with no hint of black, and interact with it to pick it up.


One container is acquired by digging it up next to the Field Hospital, underneath the stairs leading to the Data Center. After spawning it in, it will teleport to a random point in the area. Getting too close will cause it to move again. You must use the alternate fire on the Rai-K to prevent it from moving, and quickly pick it up while the effect is happening.


Place all three containers in all three generators around the map, then return to the OPC to watch the anomaly again. It will still fail, and a brief conversation will play out.

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