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Verrückt is the first map to feature ‘Perks-A-Cola’

You purchase Perks from a vending machine & drinking a perk will give you an added ability.


Verrückt Perks-A-Cola ~

specialty_quickrevive_zombies_zps5f2069b  Quick Revive Soda  ~  Cost: 1500 Points

specialty_juggernaut_zombies_zpsba48610b  Juggernog  ~  Cost: 2500 Points

specialty_doubletap_zombies_zpsad4dc1f3.  Double Tap Root Beer  ~  Cost: 2000 Points

specialty_fastreload_zombies_zpsb0d5ca9b  Speed Cola  ~  Cost: 3000 Points




Double Tap Root Beer



Double Tap Root Beer Jingle

So, every once in awhile something like Nazi Zombies comes along to really challenge a sound designer. I'm not talking about gun sounds, or even zombie sounds...I'm talking about old school radio jingles!


As soon as the idea for the Perks-a-Cola machines came up, the opportunity to do something fun was obvious. So, we licensed some cheesy sounding music, and our internal writer (Craig Houston) came up with the lyrics which we recorded and produced in house. Male vocals are sung by Craig Houston, with Elena Siegman doing the backup 'kid' vocals. Yeah, the same Elena that sings Lullaby for a Dead Man.


Anyway, Double Tap Root Beer is our favorite, so I thought I'd share the high quality stereo version of it. Enjoy!


Lyrics ~

Cowboys can't shoot slow

Or they'll end up below

When they need some help

They reach for the root beer shelf

Double-tap double-tap double-tap rootbeer (4x)


Double Tap Root Beer Jingle








Speed Cola



Speed Cola Speeds up your Life!

Ok...Jingle # 2. Speed Cola.


This one was fun. Just before I headed out to Brazil earlier this year, I was listening to a lot of bossa nova (you know, to get in the mood). At the same time, we were having trouble coming up with a name for the Sleight of Hand machine. I mean...that doesn't really sound like a drink.

But Speed Cola sure did :)


So, given the trip to Brazil, and the newly named machine, we thought, lets do some Latin inspired music for this one, complete with Elena belting out the vocals. Well, she couldn't make it to the studio the day we recorded Craig (we were going to do a duet). Craig sounded so perfecly inspired that we ultimately just used Elena for the 'tag-line'.


I've been asked to include the lyrics next time so here are the lyrics for Speed Cola!



Your hands are slow, your movements sluggish

Your lack of speed, just brings you anguish

Just take a sip, you will move faster

Just try it now! And speed is mastered

Press those lips against the only one that really moves you

Speed Cola Speeds up your life!


Speed Cola Jingle








Revive Soda



How about a little Revive?

So, Revive Soda Poster. By the way...the guy in that picture is Kandarp. He's a kick ass programmer. And Revive Soda Model. Anyway...he looks revived to me.

Same story as the others---all the lyrics were written and performed by Craig Houston, produced in house at our studio.


Lyrics ~

When everything's been dragging you down

Grabs you by the hair and pulls you to the ground

If ya wanna get up

you need a little Revive

If you wanna get up

you need a little Revive!



Jesse Snyder said...

Just played Asylum for the first time since I left Treyarch. Loving the jingles, and the Perks-a-Cola turned out awesome! The sound on this level is top notch... great work guys!


Brian Tuey said...

Hey man...good to hear from you!

Glad you like it :)


Quick Revive Jingle












Reach for Jugger-Nog Tonight

So we're back again with our final Jingle. Jugga-Nog. This is actually the one that kicked off this whole 'lets do jingles' for the Perks machines. Something about the style of the machine and the name "Jugga-Nog" really said, "YOU NEED TO MAKE ME SING!"


Lyrics -

When you need some help to get by

Something to make you feel strong

Reach for jugga-nog tonight

Sugar seduction delight!

When you need to feel Big and Strong

Reach for Jugga-Nog tonight!


Jugger-Nog Jingle







Original Concept Artwork by Daniel Romeo Padilla






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