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Radio Transmissions

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Radio Transmissions

Shi No Numa Recording #1

  • In the starting room there are 3 radios
  • Using the action button on each will play the following message
  • The radio’s can be activated in any order


Transcript – Taken from the Black Ops Terminal Files








The following is a transcript of a recordings that originated from the Group 935 outpost dubbed "The Swamp."  The voice heard in this recording belongs to the handler of the operative "CWZGUTCT" who went missing at an unknown time prior to the sending of this message.  The operative is presumed dead and the location of Shi No Numa has yet to be resolved.





AUTOMATED:  R-408n 37 14 06 115 48 40. 

HANDLER:  I hope that you are receiving this transmission [REDACTED], if you are not, then all is already lost.  You must know by now that we failed to contain the asylum, that we had to move the experiment here.  Location.  The numbers will guide you.  The giant must remain...


...at all costs.  Repeat.  Der Riese must be contained at all costs.  The DG-2 experiments continue.  You're our only advantage now.  Find Doctor...


and Doctor Maxis.  They may know what's going on.  The use of element 115 is dangerous at best.  I'm not sure if we can continue here.  We've lost most of our best...


...team.  I hope you get this.  I hope it hasn't happened there too.  But I'm almost out of hope. 

AUTOMATED:  60 54 06.96 101 55 44.94.




Radio Transmission Decoded

“The Handler” = Cornelius Pernell

"CWZGUTCT" = Peter

R-408n = Groom Lake Restricted Airspace

37 14 06 115 48 40 = Co-ordinates of Groom Lake Air Force Base     

Der Riese = German for “The Giant”

DG-2 = Die Glocke – German for “The Bell”

Doctor...[Static.] = Doctor Edward Richtofen

Doctor Maxis = Doctor Ludwig (or Ludvig) Maxis

Element 115 = Synthetically produced heavy metal which was given the periodic number of 115

60 54 06.96 101 55 44.94 = Co-ordinates for a crater in Serbia, thought to be caused by a meteor, known as the Tunguska event.



Radio Locations ~

  • All 3 are found in the Starting Area






Shi No Numa Recording #1– Activation Walkthrough




Verrückt Trailer Audio

A radio in the storage hut plays the audio of the start of the Verrückt video trailer.


Location ~

  • Storage Hut

Verrückt Trailer Audio – Activation Walkthrough




Element 115 – Find Dr. Richtofen – At Verrückt

A radio in the Doctor's Quarters plays a voice which only the words “Element 115 – Find Doctor Richtofen – At Verrückt” can be understood.


Location ~

  • Doctor’s Quarters

115 - Richtofen - Verrückt – Activation Walkthrough




Shi No Numa Secret Radio Recording

(Black Ops)

  • In the Black Ops version of Shi No Numa, there is a new hidden radio message.
  • Press the action button on 3 different Radio’s
  • The radio’s can be activated in any order
  • Best activating the Doctor’s Quarters Radio last as there is no background noise 


Radio Locations ~

  1. Comm Room
  2. Storage Hut
  3. Doctor's Quarters



Transcript ~

Tank Dempsey: Ugh.. where are we?

Nikolai Belinski: A better question is...

Dr. Edward Richtofen: When are we?

Nikolai: NO! Where the hell is my Vodka?!

Dr. Edward Richtofen: Yes of course! The DG-2 must have overloaded the teleporter, ripping space-time, back tracing us to the future! How Wunderbar!

**Takeo throws up, dropping Nikolai's vodka**

Nikolai Belinski: There's my vodka! Thank you, Takeo.

Tank Dempsey: Oh come on Tak, suck it up and walk it off.


Comm Room Radio



Storage Hut Radio



Doctor’s Quarters Radio




"Backtracing to the Future"

Radio Transmission – Activation Walkthrough

(Black Ops)

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