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Brian Tuey – Audio Director


So by now, most of you have heard about the Nazi Zombie mode in Call of Duty: World at War. 

This amazingly fun little mode was originated by Jesse Snyder (our lead designer). You can find out more about how it came about on his blog.

In terms of the sound, I've seen posts recently wonder what in the world the song that plays is when you 'die'. Most people liken it to John Murphy's piece from 28 Weeks Later.

While quite a compliment, Kevin Sherwood (one of our many talented sound designers) wrote the riff that plays when the camera flys through the environment essentially as a quick fix (we could have just clipped some of the in game music, but we thought it could be cool to do something totally different). Once it got in, however, we didn't want to change it...and in fact, decided that it should be a full song.

So once the project was completed, Kevin blew the 8 bar piece into a complete song. Kevin is on guitar(s), Elena Siegman (a really kick ass game producer and singer) is doing the vocals. All of it was recorded and produced at Treyarch Studio's. Its called "Lullaby of a Dead Man".

Aside from the end game stinger that's in there, you'll also find a little radio if you look around enough. (HINT: check near the magic box in the HELP room!)


World at War Soundtrack Front Cover



If you shoot (or otherwise damage) the radio, you'll hear a new song pop up every time it's damaged. Most of the tracks on the radio are edits from the Call of Duty: World at War soundtrack...but we also thought it would be fun to have some crossover with True Crime: New York City, given that Sean and I worked together on that game as well. So if you are familiar with that title, you may recognize 3 or 4 of the pieces on the radio now that you know what it is.

In addition to the gameplay score from TC: NYC, you'll hear a few other interesting pieces. The first song that plays on the radio is called "WTF". Kevin basically tossed some guitars on a trancy piece I did a few years ago just for fun. We thought it fit pretty well for kicking zombie ass, so we put it in.

Also included on the radio is a song I wrote for the 'dance' station in TC:NYC called "Dusk". Yeah, dance music doesn't really go with the WWII era, but hell, you're killing Zombies with a ray gun, so we just threw 'period' out the window for this one.


World at War Soundtrack Back Cover





Secret Radio Songs

  • Next to the Mystery Box is a radio on a table.
  • By either knifing or shooting it will play 12 tracks consecutively.
  • You can also knife or shoot it again to skip the current song.


Tracks ~





Dog Fire



True Crime Track 4



All Mixed Up






Königgrätzer Marsch






Russian Theme




(Titled “Areia” on the Black Ops Version)



Stag Push



Pby Old








Secret Radio Songs - Activation Walkthrough

(World at War)



Secret Radio Songs

(Black Ops)

The Black Ops version of Nacht Der Untoten also features the Secret Radio, though most of the songs are different & there are only 9 songs in total.


Order of play ~

WTF – From Nacht Der Untoten Radio (World at War)

Abre Macabre – From Dead Ops Arcade

UHF – From Nacht Der Untoten Radio (Black Ops)

Dusk – From Nacht Der Untoten Radio (World at War)

Boatdeck – From World at War Campaign Mission “Redemption” & the Verruckt Loading Screen Music

Slasher Flick – From Dead Ops Arcade

Mask Walk  From Black Ops Campaign Mission "Rebirth"

Areia  Originally called “Sand” on the Nacht Der Untoten Radio (World at War)

Temple of Shroom – From Dead Ops Arcade


Secret Radio Songs - Activation Walkthrough

(Black Ops)




Call of Duty: World at War - Audio Credits


Audio Director

Brian Tuey


Senior Sound Designer

Gary Spinrad


Sound Designers

Kevin Sherwood

Collin Ayers

James McCawley


Additional Sound Design

Scott Eckert


Audio Engineer

Stephen McCaul


Audio Production Tester

Jesse Booth


Additional Audio Support

Julia Bianco




Secret Song “Undone”

(Black Ops)


  • In the Black Ops version of Nacht Der Untoten, there are 28 ‘RED’ explosive barrels scattered around outside of the building.
  • If you shoot 3 specific Red Barrels you will activate the Secret Song called “Undone”. 
  • The barrels do not have to explode, a single bullet can activate the song
  • ·    The Barrels can be shot or damaged in any order



Shoot either of these 2 Red Barrels ~




Shoot either of these 2 Red Barrels ~ 




Shoot this Red Barrel ~ 




 Undone’ – Activation Walkthrough




‘Undone’ - Music




Game Over Song


The Nacht Der Untoten game over song is a preview of “Lullaby for a Dead Man”, which is the ‘Secret Song’ in the next Map, Verrückt.


Nacht Der Untoten Game Over Song

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