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Side Quest Easter Egg – Tower of Babble ~ Obey Maxis

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Side Quest

Tower of Babble ~ Obey Maxis

All characters can hear Maxis

Requirements ~

  • 2 Player Minimum
  • 2 Turbines
  • EMP Granade


Step # 1 – Build & Turn on the Power Switch

This can be done any time prior to step 4

1. Build the Power Switch

The Power Switch consists of 3 parts.

The Power Switch parts are all located inside Power Station.

The workbench where you assemble the parts is located inside the “Outhouse”.


Parts ~

zom_hud_icon_buildable_item_panel_zpsb56  1. Panel

zom_hud_icon_buildable_item_lever_zpsbd2  2. Lever

zom_hud_icon_buildable_item_arm_zpsa9051  3. Arm

<-------------------Workbench Screenshot-------------------->


1a. – Turn on the Power

Wait for Maxis to finish speaking, “HIM” will spawn & Maxis tells you to now turn off the Power.

You will hear this quote

Transcript ~





Step # 2 – Turn OFF the Power

2. Turn OFF the Power

After you have turned on the Power, Maxis will tell you to turn it off.

Turn off the Power & you will hear this quote

Transcript ~





Step # 3 – Build & Equip the Turbine

This can be done any time prior to step 4

3. Build & Equip the Portable Power Turbine

When the final piece is picked up, you will hear the quote below.

Now assemble the Portable Power Turbine at the Bus Depot Workbench.

Transcript ~





Step # 4 – Place Portable Power Devices

4. Place Portable Power Devices

Place 2 Turbines at the base of the Tower

<------------------- -------------------->

When the 1st Turbine is placed at the Tower, you will hear this quote
Transcript ~



When the 2nd Turbine is placed at the Tower, you will hear this quote

Transcript ~





Step # 5 – Capture "HIM"

One player needs to acquire EMP Grenades from the Mystery Box.

5. Capture “HIM”

Once the 2 Turbines have been placed at the Tower, you must wait for “HIM” to spawn & lure “HIM” underneath the Tower

If you are a short distance away from the Tower, you will hear this quote

Transcript ~



When “HIM” is within the ‘square’ section underneath the Tower, throw the EMP Grenade at “HIM”

If you have captured “HIM” correctly, you will hear this quote.

Transcript ~





Step # 6 – Create a Trichotomous System

6. Create a Trichotomous System

Place 2 Turbines next to any ‘Denizen Street lights’

<------------------- -------------------->


Transcript ~

[soundcloud] <---------Maxis Audio Quote------------> [/soundcloud]




Tower of Babel ~ Obey Maxis

Video Walkthrough


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