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Elemental Staffs

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Elemental Staffs


Staff of Wind


Parts Locations ~ Inside the three Giant Robots




Wind Gramophone Record

Record Locations Generator 5 / Lightning Tunnel Area




    Staff of Wind Gramophone Song


    Wind Tunnel Crazy Place Entrance





    Staff of Ice


    Parts Locations ~ Dug up from mounds only while its snowing




    Ice Gramophone Record

    Record Locations ~ Tank Station

    • On the Table as you enter the Tank Station
    • On Shelving next to Mystery Box Location
    • On Shelving next to Runestone



    Staff of Ice Gramophone Song


    Ice Tunnel Crazy Place Entrance





    Staff of Fire


    Parts Locations ~

    • Capture All 6 Generators - Open the reward box next to Generator 6
    • Kill the 1st Panzer Soldat (Round 8) 
    • The Round after opening the path to church, an orange glowing plane will spawn in the sky. Shoot it down & the staff part will be dropped on the walkway at the top of the Mound/Excavation Site.




    Fire Gramophone Record

    Record Locations Church Area






      Staff of Fire Gramophone Song


      Fire Tunnel Crazy Place Entrance





      Staff of Lightning


      Parts Locations ~ Access special areas of the map with the Tank


      • [Church to Tank Station] Jump to the right onto the Stairs before Generator 2 Trench
      • [Tank Station to Church] Jump to the left onto the scaffolding that leads to a tunnel inside the Excavation Site
      • [Tank Station to Church] Jump to the right onto the ledge just before the Church





      Lightning Gramophone Record

      Record Locations ~ Generator 4 Area





        Staff of Lightning Gramophone Song


        Fire Tunnel Crazy Place Entrance


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