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"Rusty Cage"

The 1st Secret Song in Mob of the Dead is called “Rusty Cage”

Rusty Cage is written & performed by Johnny Cash

To activate the song you must press the action button on 3 Alcohol Bottles around the map.


Alcohol Bottle Locations ~

  • 1. Library – On a bookshelf in the Library
  • 2. Docks – In the corner near the water, behind some crates
  • 3. Infirmary – In the Surgical Room on a Trolley










"Rusty Cage" Activation Walkthrough




"Rusty CageLyrics




"Where Are We Going"

The 2nd Secret Song in Mob of the Dead is called “Where Are We Going”

‘Where Are We Going’ is written by Kevin Sherwood & James McCawley. Vocals are by Malukah

To activate the song you must dial in the numbers “9 – 3 – 5” into the Number Box.


Number Box Location ~



"Where Are We Going" - Activation Walkthrough




"Where Are We Going" Lyrics


Kevin Sherwood’s Lyric Video Secret Message

@Rissole25 Secret Message Decoded Thread -

On 4/17/2013 at 0:46 PM, Rissole25 said:

Hey guys! I've been looking at this bonus song Kevin did, and during his video, he has this come up during a bridge.




Kevin has been updating the Youtube description as well as Tweeting and Posting hints. They are altogether below.


Originally, I thought this was related to DNA. I was way off. But what do you think the message means?



Let Go And The Beginning Will Become The End

So what do you make of it?


Big thanks to Kevin, Malukah and the Treyarch Sound Department for creating an awesome song.
And a another big thank you to CoDz, especially you guys in this thread. Your ideas and interest in this helped me decipher it, so thank you!



Here is a video compiling it all together and stuff, just basically saying all that's been said.




Game Over Songs

There are 4 different endings to Mob of the Dead. Each ending has a different “Game Over Song”

  • Death in Purgatory (without moving from the start of the game)
  • Death from Zombies

  • Weasel lives (at the end of the Side-Quest)
  • Weasel dies (at the end of the Side-Quest)



Death in Purgatory - Samantha’s Dream





Death from Zombies - Game Over Song






Weasel Lives






Weasel Dies




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