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Buildables - (Inc Plane)

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Note ~

  • For Acid Kit, see “Wunder Weapons - Blundergat” section



The Shield consists of 3 parts.

The can assemble the Shield at any workbench.


Parts and Locations ~

zm_riotshield_hellcatraz_icon_zpshqt6z7h  1. Trolley

  • Docks


zom_hud_craftable_zshield_door_zps5hs7kj  2. Cell Door

  • Citadel Tunnels


zom_hud_craftable_zshield_clamp_zpsx1zqb  3. Clamp

  • Generator Room






The Plane consists of 4 parts.


Parts and Locations ~

zom_hud_craftable_plane_engines_zps21zmx  1. Engine

  • Warden's Office


    zom_hud_craftable_plane_cloth_zpsqbz4lfc  2. Shirt

    • Shower


      zom_hud_craftable_plane_valve_zpsgnjzf4v  3. Valve

      • Infirmary


      zom_hud_craftable_plane_rigging_zpsidzoj  4. Rigging

      • Citadel Tunnels


      zom_hud_craftable_plane_tanks_zpsnkpoxjt  4. Fuel Tank

      • Docks





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