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The Blundergat was introduced to Zombies fans in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 with the Mob of the Dead experience. Inspired by Civil War-era weaponry, it’s a hybrid between a Gatling Gun and a Blunderbuss.

What happens when the advent of 3D printing allows members of the team to bring these virtual models into the real world? It means that the Zombies Labs just got a little more interesting.

This week, we’ll catch up with some of the team members and watch them bring a 3D-printed Blundergat to life. Because, why not, right? Exactly.


Blundergat - Feeding the 3D Printer

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“I purchased my 3D printer a little over a year ago. I’d been experimenting with a variety of different things, trying to learn how to operate the printer and improve the quality of the results. I’m a character artist, so most of what I was printing was character-related. I wanted to try printing something that was more mechanical and complex, so I approached Max Porter (Sr. Artist, Weapons Team) and asked if he'd give me access to the source files for a weapon. He gave me the Blundergat files.” – Scott Wells, Senior Artist











Blundergat: Some Assembly Required

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"The printing process basically involved combining the rather complex source model into a single, solid object and cutting the main form into 5 pieces that would fit on the print tray (4 segments along the length and then the thickest middle part was also split vertically into 2 halves). For an object this large with quality settings on high, the individual parts took between 20 – 40 hours each to print. The smaller detail pieces were separated out into separate print jobs and glued back onto the final assembled Blundergat at the end.” – Scott Wells, Senior Artist











The Sweeper









Vitriolic Withering





Free Blundergat


Escape from the Tomb Poster



Blue Skull locations



Locations ~






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