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GK Nova 6

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GK Nova 6


Project Nova Intel






Transcript ~ Taken from the Black Ops Terminal Files


TO:  Jackson, Ryan

FROM:  Kain, Richard





I want you to start a file under the heading OP-C. No eyes other than you

and me. Start with a compilation of everything we have on NOVA 6 and the

players involved. We'll discuss details face to face. I'll be in touch.








GK Memo


Transcript ~ Taken from the Black Ops Terminal Files






Received: 2 March 1968

Returned: 3 March 1968





**SUMMARY: Internal GK memo dated 5 Sept 1944. Earliest known reference to the NOVA Project.










Subject: NOVA Project


We are on schedule thus far. Stability has been our biggest hurdle. The

effects, however, are promising and yields results beyond that which

was requested.


The remaining issues and action items are as [REDACTED]:


a) Stability is still an issue -- we are hoping version 4 will be stable.

Reference-- Stability Reference No. NOVA.SR 2010032. Stress investigations

and Long-Term-Testing with trial batches to derive the shelf-life for batches

in phase II.


b) Further testing inroads modes of dispersion currently underway -- Initial

findings are positive and lead us to believe only slight modifications will

be needed [to] retrofit current chemical dispersion techniques. Reference

-- Dispersion Report No. NOVA.DR 0510032.


c) Long term storage testing is in phase III -- The Containers are currently

being tested in various environments. Phase III includes Long-term testing

at 25-degrees Celsius at 60% [illegible] for confirmation of findings.

Reference -- Stability Report No. NOVA.SR 2010022.


d) Means of protection for handlers and handling protocols must be

investigated. Tests with chimpanzees show current protocols are insufficient.

Suggest moving to human trials to speed research. Reference -- Trial Report

No. NOVA.TR 1915032.


e) Current facilities are inadequate -- The scope of this project has vastly

increased and as such our needs have outgrown our current faculty. The

incident last month only reiterates our need for a more permanent and

isolated laboratory. Reference -- Incident Report NOVA.IR 0002036.


[REDACTED] we are expecting your [REDACTED].










Numbers Station

Transcript ~ Taken from the Black Ops Terminal Files


  ***TOP SECRET***



FROM:  The White House



July 21, 1961


SUBJECT:  Transmissions from a suspected numbers station near the [REDACTED]

embassy containing alarming and cryptic references.


Research appears to be underway involving variants of Tabun, Sarin, Soman and

an unknown gas of possibly far greater potential for devastation.  Every

member of the S.O.G. team in the field should be briefed.  Yesterday, a new

transmission involving Plutonium and Uranium was also intercepted but was

lost before the transmission completed.  All foreign agents listening to

numbers stations should be vigilant to these keywords.  Recent chatter has

reached a fever pitch.  


CIA operatives have been assigned to the program, and additional support is

requested.  Have all reports forwarded to the White House and present an

interim review of the situation no later than July 31, 1961.


/s/ John F. Kennedy




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