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The V-R11 is a wonder weapon only appearing in the Call of Duty: Black Ops map Call of the Dead. The V-R11 fires beams which can have a multitude of abilities. It holds 3 shots per magazine, and holds 9 shots in reserve. In Call of the Dead the V-R11 can be acquired from the mystery box for 950 points, and is a necessary component for the Ensemble Cast achievement.

When zombies are hit with the beam, they will be turned back into a human, always a man dressed in CIA uniform. The human will become frightened and run for the nearest body of water, only to die. This human also attracts zombies that are nearby. When George Romero is hit with the weapon once, he will be switched from being in a rage state to a calm state, and vice versa. However, this calm state does not last long. Also, if George Romero is shot with the weapon three times in a row, he will retreat into the water for the rest of the round. Lastly, another player can be shot with the V-R11, causing zombies to be unable to see this player for a short time, allowing for revives or a momentary peace.

Little is known about the creation of the V-R11, however the name in leetspeak translating to Vril, and the effects it has on zombies suggests it is powered by the mystical Vril energy. The weapon also has a spinning rock of Element 115 at the top.

V-R11 Lazarus

When placed in the Pack-a-punch machine, the V-R11 is upgraded to the V-R11 Lazarus. The magazine size is upgraded from 3 to 6, and it will hold up to 18 shots in reserve, doubling the original 9. The weapon has all the same effects as the V-R11, plus some additional effects.

Firstly, alongside the effect of causing a shot player to become invisible to zombies for a short time, the player will also have a temporary insta-kill effect, allowing for easy killing of a horde of zombies on any round. The V-R11 Lazarus can also cause zombies to explode if shot three times, damaging zombies around them.


- The upgraded name V-R11 Lazarus is a reference to Lazarus, a man in the Bible who is resurrected.

- Despite the map taking place in a Siberian Group 935 facility and the zombies appearing to be mostly sailors, every zombie transformed into a human appears to be a man in a blue suit. This same model is used in the Black Ops campaign as a Secret Service agent, in Dead Ops Arcade as a playable character, and in Black Ops 2 as a playable character in Grief and Survival modes on the CIA faction.

- When zombies chase the human into the water, every time they hit the human, the player with the V-R11 is given 10 points.