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The Thundergun is a wonder weapon first appearing in the Call of Duty: Black Ops map Kino der Toten. It later reappeared in Ascension and the Black Ops version of Nacht der Untoten as the main wonder weapon. The Thundergun fires compressed air with such force it kills any zombies within range by blasting them back. Zombies out of range of the blast will be knocked down, taking no damage. It holds 2 shots per magazine, and holds 12 shots in reserve. In Kino der Toten, Ascension, and Nacht der Untoten the Thundergun can be acquired from the mystery box for 950 points.

The Thundergun was created by the Ascension Group during the Cold War, under the code name of Project Thunder. At the time the group working on Project Thunder was led by Dr. Gersch.

Zeus Cannon

When placed in the Pack-a-punch machine, the Thundergun is upgraded to the Zeus Cannon. The magazine size is upgraded from 2 to 4, and it will hold up to 24 shots in reserve, doubling the original 12. The damage is still infinite, though the range and spread of the blasts are increased.


- Unlike most weapons in the game, the Thundergun cannot be manually reloaded while there is still a blast left in the cell. This is a trait shared with the M1 Garand.

- The Thundergun can be found in the Call of Duty: Black Ops campaign mission Numbers. By bringing a casette tape from the beginning area into a new area, the Thundergun can be taken from the wall.

- Killing zombies with the thunder gun, the max amount of points the player can acquire per blast is 300 points, no matter how many zombies are killed.

- The Russian phrase on the side of the Thundergun is the misspelling of the word "Warning".

- In "Five", a Thundergun can be seen in the weapon testing area of the labs. American spies likely stole the weapon and reverse engineered it to create technology such as the Winter's Howl.

- Cut quotes from "Five" show that the Thundergun was originally going to be usable in the map.