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The Ray Gun is a wonder weapon first appearing in the Call of Duty: World at War map Nacht Der Untoten. It has appeared in every zombie map since then. The Ray Gun fires green irradiated blasts which explode on contact at 181 RPM without Double Tap. It holds 20 shots in each cartridge, and 160 shots in reserve. The Ray Gun can be acquired in every map through the mystery box for 950 points.

The weapon is based off of Division 9 designs seized by Group 935 from the Rising Sun Facility. Using Element 115, Dr. Ludvig Maxis created the first prototype of the weapon. Dr. H. Porter of Group 935 developed the Porter's X2 Ray Gun, the pack-a-punched version of the weapon. A successor to the Ray Gun was made called the Ray Gun Mark II. Design of the Ray Gun Mark II also led to development of the experimental GKZ-45 Mk3.

Porter's X2 Ray Gun

When placed in the Pack-a-punch machine, the Ray Gun is upgraded to the Porter's X2 Ray Gun. The cartridge size is upgraded from 20 to 40, and up to 200 blasts are held in reserve. While the base initial blast damage is the same, the splash damage is increased in the upgrade. The weapon also causes less splash damage to the player than the original Ray Gun.

The weapon also fires red blasts instead of the normal green, and the reticle will have a different color.




- The first appearance of the Ray Gun is actually in the Call of Duty: World at War campaign mission, Little Resistance. If the player performs an easter egg by stepping in puddles at the beachfront, four lion statues will appear from the ground, allowing the player to take the Ray Gun.

- The Ray Gun will push the player back when firing.

- A Ray Gun can be seen in the map "Five" on a table in the lab area. This seems to imply the United State acquired the weapon and reverse engineered the technology for devices such as the Winter's Howl.

- There exists a persistent upgrade in Black Ops II in which the player can acquire the Ray Gun from purchasing the Olympia off the wall.

- The Ray Gun was actually designed by Treyarch employee Max Porter as a side project while developing the bonus zombies mode. The pack-a-punched version and H. Porter both reference his name.