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The Monkey Bomb is a tactical grenade first appearing in the Call of Duty: World at War version of Der Riese in the mystery box. It is a stuffed monkey attached to explosives. When winded up, the monkey will speak, and when thrown it will slam the cymbals in its hands together and bounce to attract nearby zombies, before exploding. The monkey bomb is implied to have been created by Dr. Edward Richtofen by the vbush files in the Black Ops terminal. The monkey bomb has been included in every zombies map since Der Riese, excluding Ascension, Call of the Dead, Moon, Mob of the Dead, and Shadows of Evil.

The monkey bomb has mostly functioned the exact same from Call of Duty: World at War to Call of Duty: Black Ops III. The player can hold a maximum of three at a time and they are only replenished through max ammo powerups. There is no limit to how many players can have monkey bombs equipped.

Oddly, the monkey seems to be somewhat sentient, as it responds to pain such as being thrown into the Der Riese furnace or fire from a dragon in Gorod Krovi. It also has many different lines it says when thrown such as, "You're not Sam!" and "Is this the end?"


  • In Der Riese, if the monkey bomb is thrown into the furnace, it will cry out in pain and Samantha will say "Why are you so cruel to Mr. Monkey? Mr. Monkey just wanted to PLAY!" The same screaming effect can happen on Green Run in the lava, The Giant in the furnace, and in Gorod Krovi in dragon's fire.
  • In Gorod Krovi, the monkey bomb can be upgraded using the Crate Power mega gobblegum when taking it from the mystery box. When thrown it will kill any zombies that come towards it while it is bouncing, and the explosion is much more damaging. The music it plays is also dubstep rather than the usual accordion music.
  • In the Black Ops II game mode Turned, the human can pick up a monkey bomb powerup which spawns a dummy clone of themself to confuse the zombie players
  • It is implied that Samantha was given a stuffed monkey, possibly by Richtofen, as one can be seen in the Kino der Toten bedroom and Samantha becomes angered in Der Riese if the monkey is burned. The monkey will also mention Samantha sometimes when thrown.
  • In Green Run, if an EMP is thrown at an active monkey bomb, it will explode instantly.
  • In The Giant, if a monkey bomb is thrown in each teleporter and activated, three red lights on a panel at the receiving pad will turn green. When all three are green, a button can be pressed, causing the giant robot head to fire a laser, revealing either Deadshot Daiquiri or Stamin-Up.
  • In games previous to Call of Duty Black Ops III, the monkey bomb had a Group 935 symbol on its hat. However, in Black Ops III it has no symbol on its hat, with the exception of the monkey bomb in the Fly Trap easter egg in The Giant, which has the updated logo.