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The Gersch Device is a tactical grenade first appearing in the Call of Duty: Black Ops map Ascension, and later reappearing in Moon. The Gersch Device is acquired from the mystery box for 950 points. The device can be thrown, creating a singularity which sucks zombies in and allowing the player to teleport to a random location by diving through. The Gersch Device was invented by the Ascension Group, more specifically Dr. Gersch. The device was still in the testing phase when Gersch's colleague, Yuri became corrupted by voices and sent Gersch through his own device. The Device is intended to be a portable teleporter, however in its current state it only seems to teleport to an intended location sometimes, while other times it seems random, and is able to send a target into another dimension, which seems to have happened to Gersch.

The player can hold up to three Gersch Devices at a time, and they are replenished via max ammo powerup. There is no limit to the amount of players that can have the Gersch Device equipped.

The Gersch Device is also an integral part to the Cassimir Mechanism easter egg and the Big Bang Theory easter egg.


- On Moon, sometimes the astronaut will also get sucked into the singularity created by the device, though it will not be killed, and when the singularity disappears, the astronaut will continue the animation for being sucked in, moving at a much faster pace than normal. This can make throwing a Gersch Device near him a nuisance and a risk, as he could become glitched and steal the players' perks if not killed.

- Space Monkeys will willingly run into the Gersch Device and be teleported rather than killed.