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PROLOGUE: "In Maidjan"

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ᚲᛟᛗᛖ, ᚹᚨᚱᚱᛁᛟᚱ-ᚴᛁᚾᚷᛋ. ᚲᛟᛗᛖ, ᚡᚨᛚᚴᚤᚱᛁᛖ-ᛩᚢᛖᛖᚾᛋ.
 ᚹᛖ ᚲᚨᛚᛚ ᚠᛟᚱ ᚨ ᚱᛁᛏᚢᚨᛚ ᚢᚾᛒᛁᚱᛏᚺ.
 ᛁᚾᚡᛟᚴᛖᛞ ᛒᚤ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚾᚨᛗᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚲᚱᛖᚨᛏᛟᚱᛋ.
 ᛖᛁᚷᚺᛏ ᛞᛁᚡᛁᚾᛖᛞ ᛒᚤ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛟᚾᛖ.
 ᚨ ᛞᛖᛋᛟᛚᚨᛏᛖ ᚹᛟᚱᛚᛞ, ᚨ ᛏᛖᚱᛗᛁᚾᚨᛚ ᛋᛁᚲᚴᚾᛖᛋᛋ.
 ᛈᛚᚨᚾᛖᛗᛖᛚᛞ. ᛟᚾᛖ ᛚᚨᛋᛏ ᛞᛁᚲᛏᚨᛏᛁᛟᚾ ᚠᛟᚱ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚠᚨᛚᛚ.
 ᚠᛟᚱ ᚹᚺᚨᛏ ᛁᛋ ᚾᛟᚹ, ᚠᛟᚱ ᚹᚺᚨᛏ ᛁᛋ ᚱᛖᛗᛖᛗᛒᛖᚱᛖᛞ.
 ᛏᚺᛖ ᛋᛖᚡᛖᚾᛏᚺ ᚠᚨᛏᛖ, ᛏᚺᛖ ᚴᚾᛟᚹᛚᛖᛞᚷᛖ ᚹᛖᛚᛚ. ᛋᚺᚨᛏᛏᛖᚱᛖᛞ.
ᚹᚱᛁᛏᛏᛖᚾ ᛁᚾ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚹᛟᚱᛞᛋ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚢᚾᛁᛏᚤ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛞᚨᚱᚴ ᚨᚾᛞ ᛚᛁᚷᚺᛏ
ᚹᛖ ᚺᚨᛁᛚ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚨᛖᛏᚺᛖᚱ - ᚹᛖ ᚺᚨᛁᛚ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚾᛖᚹ ᚹᛟᚱᛚᛞ
ᚹᛖ ᚺᚨᛁᛚ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚠᚨᛏᛖᛋ, ᚹᛖ ᚺᚨᛁᛚ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚠᚨᛚᛚ
ᚹᛖ ᚺᚨᛁᛚ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛖᚾᛞ, ᚹᛖ ᚺᚨᛁᛚ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚠᛟᚱᚷᛟᛏᛏᛖᚾ
ᚹᛖ ᚺᚨᛁᛚ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛖᚱᚨᛋᛖᛞ, ᚹᛖ ᚺᚨᛁᛚ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛞᛖᚨᛞ
ᚹᛖ ᚺᚨᛁᛚ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚨᚾᚷᛖᛚᛋ, ᚹᛖ ᚺᚨᛁᛚ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛈᚱᛟᛈᚺᛖᛏᛋ
ᚹᛖ ᚺᚨᛁᛚ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛖᛈᛋᛁᛚᛟᚾ, ᚹᛖ ᚺᚨᛁᛚ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚲᛟᚨᛚᛖᛋᚲᛖᚾᚲᛖ
ᚹᛖ ᚺᚨᛁᛚ ᚨᛚᛚ
ᚹᛖ ᚨᚱᛖ ᚨᛚᛚ
ᚹᛖ ᚱᛖᚹᚱᛁᛏᛖ ᚨᛚᛚ
ᚹᛖ ᛁᚾᚡᛟᚴᛖ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚱᛁᚷᚺᛏ ᛏᛟ ᚺᛖᚨᛚ
ᚹᛖ ᛒᚱᛖᚨᚴ ᛏᚺᚱᛟᚢᚷᚺ ᛏᚺᛁᛋ ᛗᛁᚱᚱᛟᚱ


ᚹᛖ ᛁᚾᚡᛟᚴᛖ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚱᛁᚷᚺᛏ ᛟᚠ ᚹᚨᚱ ᛁᚾᛏᛟ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚾᛖᚹ ᚱᛖᚨᛚ!


= = = = = = =


ᛏᚺᛖᚱᛖ ᛁᛋ ᛒᚢᛏ ᛟᚾᛖ ᛏᚱᚢᛏᚺ, ᛟᚾᛖ ᛚᛁᛖ. ᛟᚾᛖ ᛞᛖᚨᛏᚺ, ᛟᚾᛖ ᛚᛁᚠᛖ.
 ᛏᚺᛖᚱᛖ ᛁᛋ ᚨ ᛚᛁᚷᚺᛏ ᚠᚱᛟᛗ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛋᚺᛟᚱᛖ, ᚨ ᛞᚨᚱᚴᚾᛖᛋᛋ ᚨᛏ ᛁᛏᛋ ᛈᛖᚨᚴ.
 ᚨ ᚡᛁᚲᛏᛁᛗ ᚲᚨᚢᛋᛖᛋ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚠᚨᛚᛚ, ᚠᚱᛟᛗ ᚨ ᛈᚱᛁᛗᚨᛚ, ᚢᛚᛏᛁᛗᚨᛏᛖ ᛞᛖᛋᛁᚱᛖ.
 ᚨ ᚡᛖᛁᛚ ᚲᚨᛋᛏ ᛟᚡᛖᚱ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛟᛚᛞ, ᛞᛖᚨᛞ ᚹᛟᚱᛚᛞᛋ.
 ᚹᛖ ᚹᛖᚱᛖ ᚨᛚᛚ ᚨᛏ ᚹᚨᚱ ᚹᛁᛏᚺ ᚱᛖᚨᛚᛁᛏᚤ.
 ᚹᛖ ᚹᛖᚱᛖ ᚨᛚᛚ ᚨᛏ ᚹᚨᚱ ᚹᛁᛏᚺ ᛟᚢᚱᛋᛖᛚᚡᛖᛋ.
 ᚹᛖ ᚹᛖᚱᛖ ᚨᛚᛚ ᛚᛟᛋᛏ ᛟᚾ ᛏᚺᚨᛏ ᛒᚨᛏᛏᛚᛖᚠᛁᛖᛚᛞ.
 ᚾᛟᚹ, ᚹᛖ ᚹᛁᛚᛚ ᚠᛁᚾᛞ ᚺᛟᚾᛟᚱ.
ᛋᛟᚢᛚᛋ ᛞᛁᛋᛈᛚᚨᚲᛖᛞ, ᛏᚺᛖᚤ ᚹᛁᛚᛚ ᚠᛁᚾᛞ ᛏᚺᛖᛗᛋᛖᛚᚡᛖᛋ ᚠᛟᚱᚷᛖᛞ ᚨᚾᛖᚹ.
 ᚨᚡᚨᛋᛏ, ᚨᚹᚨᚤ, ᚠᚱᛟᛗ ᛈᛟᚹᛖᚱᛋ ᛟᚠ ᚤᛟᚱᛖ.
 ᛋᛟᚢᛚᛋ, ᚱᛖᛈᛚᚨᚲᛖᛞ. ᛗᛁᛋᛏᚨᚴᛖᚾ.
 ᛏᚺᛖ ᚠᚢᛚᛚ ᛈᛟᚱᛏᚱᚨᛁᛏ ᚱᛖᛞᛖᛖᛗᛖᛞ, ᛏᚺᛖ ᛏᚱᚨᚾᛋᛗᛁᛋᛋᛁᛟᚾ ᛖᚾᛞᛋ.
ᛏᚺᚢᛋ, ᚹᚨᛋ ᚹᚱᛁᛏᛏᛖᚾ, ᛁᚾ ᛏᚺᛖ ᛚᚨᚾᚷᚢᚨᚷᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛏᚺᛖ ᚢᚾᛁᚡᛖᚱᛋᛖ - ᛏᚺᛖ ᛚᚨᚾᚷᚢᚨᚷᛖ ᛟᚠ ᛚᛟᚡᛁᚾᚷ ᛋᛈᚺᛖᚱᛖᛋ.


= = = = = =


“Any idea what all this means?”


“Listen, Thomas - we may have cosmic powers, but I’m no translator. Adeva might have some base recollection of Nordic stuff. Ask him.”


“You’re no help when you’re pedantic, Vincent.”


“No. Guess I’m not.”


 = = = = = =


“Yo - Adeva here.


Y’know… I dunno. Elder Futhark is a complicated thing, just as much as the people who used it. That all said… I have a hard time believing this has anything to do with their religions at all. No REAL mentions of much beyond Warrior-Kings, and Valkyrie-Queens. Odin, Freya, that sorta thing. Which, isn’t much.


The first set is an invocation, but not to any particular god. It’s not invoking the will, power or force from them, rather… something else. Something… dark? An action, a will for change. Something against creation. Hailing to gods that we really don’t know. Or… haven’t come of yet.


The most notable thing I can find of all of the first piece are the mentions of “planemeld”, and “hail the Aether”. Seeing what you have informed me of the constitutions of the universe before y’all did that whole thing with the Machine… well, we’d be dealing with a force that worships the old. What “planemeld” means, I couldn’t tell you.


The second portion of this reads like a notation, or prophecy. Something that could have happened, or hasn’t yet, for all we know. Reminds me of the other Prophecy y’all found, about Coalescents. I… don’t know how y’all do it, but, good that we find these. Can at least chart what we should worry about, if events that transpire around us fall in line with any of them.


...not that we barely understand the Coalescent prophecy, I’m still tryin’ to translate that shit. It’s an entirely foreign language to me. Nowhere near Earthly.


...but, yeah! That’s all I can tell you. Full transcripts should be forthcoming.

Y’all know me. I’ll send any findings to you.
Regards, Adeva! ❤️


(P.S. I know how y’all feel about the whole club thing I got goin’ on, but do come by on any time y’all got off. I’d love to see ya. If not, to chat about work.)”

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You fool! I'm a fan of Nordic Runes!



Come, Warrior King. Come, Valkyrie Queen.

We call for a ritual unbirth.

Invoked be the name of the creator.

Eight defined by the one.

A desolate world, a terminal sickness.

Planemeld. One last dictation for the fall.

For what is now, for what is remembered.

The seventh fate, the knowledge well. Shattered.


Written in the words of the unity of dark and light

We hail the Aether - We hail the new world

We hail the fates, We hail the fall

We hail the end, We hail the forgotten

We hail the erased, We hail the dead

We hail the angels, We hail the prophets

We hail the Epsilon, We hail the coalescence

We hail all

We are all

We rewrite all

We invoke the right to heal

We break through this mirror


We invoke the right of war into the new real!


= = = = = = =


There is but one truth, one lie. one death, one life.

There is a light from the shore, a darkness at its peak.

A victim causes the fall, from a primal, ultimate desire.

A veil cast over the old, dead worlds.

We were all at war with reality.

We were all at war with ourselves.

We were all lost on that battlefield.

Now, we will find honor.


Souls displaced, they will find themselves forged anew.

Avast, away, from powers of yore.

Souls, replaced. Mistaken.

The full portrait redeemed, the transmission ends.


Thus, was written, in the language of the universe - the language of loving spheres.


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On 5/18/2021 at 6:42 AM, Carnage Evoker said:

You fool! I'm a fan of Nordic Runes!


  Spoiler, click to open contents



Nice work! But, I think you missed some... 😝

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