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The Unity Series: Epilogue | "The Requiem"

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(The Universe, while not knowing it, realizes the Angels and the Prophets as the true saviors of humanity and its other spectrum of species. The Sacrifice of Coalescence was their only chance, and they achieved it. The Universe is as aligned and unified as ever. Every living being within causality breathes the fire of life in their lungs, rejoicing in just living. Inside, the Coalescence is abound in pleasure for having created solace in the Universe once more.)


UNITY (both versions):


Created by: The Meh

Map Layout: The Meh (with help from Black Hand Smith), Nightmare Voyager

Weapons, Characters, etc.: Nightmare Voyager/The Meh

Editing/Ideas/Support: Delta, Black Hand Smith, TheArisen, Nightmare Voyager, Lenne, anonymous, RequixEclipse


(There is a light to be seen and a voice to be heard across the cosmos, as mortal life flows eternal, and immortal life watches over it. Truly, not unlike two constants, two dragons in zen, the universe is in unity. A constant flow towards a purer, brighter tomorrow, all life found and stuck along on a path to prosperity. Even an Afterlife could be made a Heaven.)




Created by: The Meh

Map Layout: Nightmare Voyager/The Meh

Weapons, etc.: Nightmare Voyager/The Meh

Characters: The Meh

Creative Input: Nightmare Voyager, Black Hand Smith, Amantha77


(The Future moves on. The world is in peace for all time. The Humans leave the planets, but not due to extinction, due to the everlasting seas of exploration. They plan to find other planets, to make them their own, to become a diplomatic race to any other alien species out there, to bring the Universe to peace - an eternal cosmic dance to last all of the eternity before them. For they follow a lighter path. For eternity, they bring bastion and peace.)




Created by: The Meh

Weaponry, Characters, Story: The Meh/Nightmare Voyager/HitmanVere

Map Layout: Nightmare Voyager/The Meh

Creative Input: Nightmare Voyager


(The Universe sings as one - believe it, or not. They sing as one force, a choral cannon. A… universal choir. To the end of time… until anew the Cycles may emerge. Again, on a causal loop, and yet… prosperous all the same. Eons could pass and the Coalescence would still find its contentment in solitude.)




Written by: The Meh

Creative Process: The Meh/Nightmare Voyager


(The Cycles will come and go forever - a constant function of the universe. The Coalescence, the Unity of Eight, will watch over them through all. As they are the Pillars of the Universe. The Pillars of Creation, as one may.)




 A Map Concept by The Meh

Weaponry provided by: The Meh/HitmanVere/Nightmare Voyager

Characters, Story, Map Layout: The Meh

Creative Directors: Nightmare Voyager/HitmanVere/anonymous


(A new star lights the skies, visible to the naked eye from Earth. Basked in the brightness of a cosmic and eternal nebulous arena of pillars and starlight. But this is no ordinary star. This is the form that the Coalescence has taken. No universal being can see a difference between a star and the Coalescence - it uses this form to watch over the Universe through every Cycle.
Primarily watching over humanity, the Coalescence sees humanity’s birth, their exploration, their expansion, and more on. The timeline goes on and on, as does the Universe, cycles over and repeating. Recursive - eternalistic. Each timeline grows differently in a slight way over each Cycle. A sense of Singularity is felt within the Coalescence.)




A Map Concept by The Meh

Weaponry provided by: The Meh/Nightmare Voyager

Characters, Story, Map Layout: The Meh

Creative Directors: Nightmare Voyager/HitmanVere

Musical Assistance/Moral Support: Nightmare Voyager, “The Berry Master”, anonymous, Carnage Evoker, Lenne


(Be it as it may, this solace is bound to never last.


The Epsilon warned - he is still fated to return someday. He is anchored. Locked within. The Coalescence knows that it is meant to happen. The Prophecies had even stated as much. Yet, the Prophecies negated the mentioning of “when” or “in what form”. If it might be the same, or if events might transpire differently, but converge. It may just not happen at all. Perhaps the Prophecies themselves were… wrong. Uncertainty lies in the constancy of time, but it is that time that will come to tell the truth.


The Eons will pass. The Coalescence lives on as peace reigns through the Cycles.)







After eons of Cycles, the Coalescence senses a growing disturbance. A shifting balance… moving over ever so slightly. Following the turn of the next Cycle, its eyes shift back to the Milky Way, to Earth, its eyes having grown away from it after so long…


Much to the dismay of the Coalescence, the forces that started the past tribulations - Group 935, the Element - they had returned, straying from its ways back to its tendency… humanity meddling with forces they did not have a single comprehension of. Following in their path, the dead roam again, claiming the Earth…

...and this… oh, this… this was madness! Dare they say, insanity! The Coalescence did not understand why they came back. HOW they came back. Their mission was to protect the universe, and to act as a way to protect humanity when the time came, and the Coalescence believed it complete…




...at that very moment, that infinitesimal second, it realized something… something wonderful… something devious… something fated unto them, eons ago…


In the reaches of its vast horizon lies access to a realm where, in the deepest parts of its form, lies an Afterlife. A rest of all souls, deep within the light of the universe. Unknown until now, that space lied vacant to all souls, and what souls were there had become nothing more than what was left to Earth, living both in reality and outside of it. Ripped between worlds in a hopeless struggle of undeath. Controlled by the absent forces.


...and so, given the circumstances before the Coalescence, the decision is made to intervene. 


The Coalescence focuses at the very moment the last four souls left to the Earth flicker away. As they flow into darkness, the Coalescence guides their souls to its Afterlife, and speaks unto them the words that will take them home… the words that will set in motion events foretold… so very long ago.



“No, no… no. You must linger. You cannot die. For you must end this nightmare. You are the ones who will shine the light of providence…”


For a moment, the Coalescence could feel itself, as if it were grinning. It could finally feel its Heart again. With that thought - oh, what a thought! - it lied content. The Coalescence recollected words it knew all along, as the pulse within began again. A pulse that would beat until the Dawn may come…

...and it spoke.


“...for you are the Prophets.”




The End.




Thank you for having joined me throughout this journey.


Per aspera ad astra.


-The Meh

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